Meet MSNBC’s Village Idiot – Glenn Kirschner

MSNBC proving once again that one out of three Socialists is just as stupid as the other two.

There is a sucker born every minute according to the old adage, but we want to know how do all of these “suckers” all end up at MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, Daily Kos, HuffPo, NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS and the other liberal and/or Socialist media outlets?

Is there some sort of “sucker” stamp they put on your forehead or on your birth certificate to certify your stupidity for all eternity? There must be as the Socialist networks have found every lying miscreant lowlife on the planet to sit and lie, obfuscate and manufacture outrage for them.

Case in point, MSNBC’s “Village Idiot” Glenn Kirschner (and add failed North Carolina Democrat candidate for Congress Mark Judson as his proxie). Kirschner is proposing to charge President Trump with multiple counts of homicide over the CHINESE Coronavirus outbreak.

Excuse us, we need to be factually correct, unlike MSNBC. The Village Idiot Glenn Kirschner states HE is going to prosecute Trump for negligent homicide over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Kirschner is a former prosecutor during the Obama regime.

Kirschner explained in a series of tweets, first claiming that the president “may have criminal exposure for some level of negligent homicide or voluntary/involuntary manslaughter for the way he’s mishandled the Coronavirus crisis.”

He went on to tout his own career as a prosecutor, saying that he had always been “on the lookout for novel ways to apply homicide … liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable those who were responsible for taking the life of a fellow human being.”

Kirschner concluded by accusing Trump of “negligent/grossly negligent (and/or possibly intentional) mishandling” of the response to coronavirus and claiming that the issue was “thorny” and “nuanced” but that all possible “criminal charges will have to be investigated.”

So when will Obama, his Wookie and Biden be prosecuted over the mishandling of H1N1 Swine Flu crisis? Over one thousand Americans died before Obama decided that there “may be” a problem, and had his administration start damage control, blaming it on the Republicans, as usual.

He sent out Joe Biden to blame Republicans specifically for not allocating funds to fight the Swine Flu, even though the Democrats controlled the White House, the Congress and the Senate at the time. Republicans were merely bystanders during Obama’s Socialist regime.

Obama created the opioid crisis single-handedly with his admin’s simplistic decisions that would make a 4-year-old cringe. He mis-managed the H1N1 CHINESE Swine Flu epidemic.

Obama didn’t care and people died. FACT!

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