China Blames U.S. For The Wuhan/Chinese Coronavirus? Really?


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. China has gone all-in on spreading disinformation that the U.S. military is responsible for the worldwide Chi-Com coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 160,000 people worldwide.

China also is telling us that their epidemic is over and that they only had 3,300 deaths total from what they are calling in their press the “U.S.” coronavirus. Seriously?

In a recent Harris Poll survey, 77% of Americans believed that China “inaccurately reported the real numbers” of those who died and were affected by the virus. And last week, House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Mike McCaul told Fox News that the WHO was a “co-conspirator” of communist China in the “worst cover-up in human history” which led to one of the worst pandemics the world has ever seen. “The World Health Organization did not protect the world from this pandemic, and I consider them to be co-conspirators with the Chinese Communist Party,” McCaul declared.

This is problem #1: The Chinese and their government lie as a matter of practice. Not a single word they’ve uttered concerning the coronavirus since Nov. 17th has been truthful and/or productive. Not only does China lie, but the W.H.O. repeats every number and word from China as being factual when everyone, W.H.O. and U.S. included, know for a fact that the Chinese are lying.

Does any sane and/or intellectually honest person really believe that China is not the country of origin? The same China where the Chinese Communist leadership killed doctors who tried to warn of the upcoming epidemic. China who swears they’ve only had 3,300 deaths total and that they are virus-free now? According to official Chinese sources, they’ve not had a single new case of the “U.S.” coronavirus in nearly 3 weeks.

It can be assumed that the Chinese Communist leadership has killed at least that many doctors, nurses, medical professionals, reporters, etc. who uttered a word about the virus after the first case in November 2019. Untold numbers of Chinese health professionals disappeared shortly after questioning the official Chinese government numbers and information about the virus.

This is problem #2: They eat disgusting, nasty things other people wouldn’t touch.

China has a population of 1.5 billion people which is 19% of the world’s population, plus they are a third-world country whose population still eats rats, dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, pangolins, bats, snakes, lizards, insects, civet cats, etc. If it crawls or slithers, or is nasty looking and is something normal people wouldn’t eat, then it’s an appetizer, an entree or a dessert to the Chinese.

This is problem #3: The Chinese have disgusting and dangerous personal hygiene habits that are nasty and unhealthy.

Then there are the disgusting personal habits of the Chinese people that are considered thoroughly disgusting and unhygienic in most other countries. Not all Chinese people behave like this, but most of them do. Is it a lack of education or just the Chinese being Chinese? We’ll never know as their government lies continually about anything and everything to protect themselves.

  • Chinese people routinely take off their shoes in airplanes and in airports and put their nasty, smelly feet up on the chairs and armrests, or wherever they can get away with putting them. They really believe this is “normal” human behavior.
  • Chinese people have an annoying habit of sneezing just as loud as is humanly possible, and they make no pretense of covering their face/nose/mouth. It’s almost as if they are proud of how loud they sneeze and must be louder than every other Chinese citizen. They’ll also sneeze at the table in a restaurant and release their bodily fluids all over everyone’s food on the table, and not even offer an “excuse me”. Thoroughly disgusting human behavior.
  • Chinese people pick their noses constantly. They do not use handkerchiefs to clean out their nostrils, they use their fingers, even in public. You ever hear the saying “It’s not whether you pick your nose or not, it’s where you put the boogers that counts”? The Chinese have made picking boogers and putting them in places a veritable art form. And they’ll wipe their boogers on their clothing, on walls, on chairs, on tables, on lampposts, on bus seats, on anything available, and it’s considered normal behavior.
  • Chinese children up to the age of 7 years old are allowed to use the bathroom literally anywhere. Outside of a Walmart. In a library (not in the restroom, IN the library). On public streets. In grocery stores. On the sidewalk. On the floor in restaurants. It’s odd as China does have public restrooms, but children are not required to use them. They are for adults. Children just go, anywhere. And we’re talking #1 AND #2.
  • Chinese people spit and blow snot anywhere, anytime. And we’re not talking about into a handkerchief. We’re talking about onto the ground or into their hand and they then wipe it on a nearby building, lamppost, tree, or anything they can wipe it on.
  • Now to the most disgusting of all. The startling news is that in China you can buy a dead “newborn” baby for human consumption for approx. $70 USD. The Chinese believe that they will gain sexual stamina, power, and beauty by eating the flesh of or drinking soups made from dead babies. This is real and is driving people in China to cannibalism.

This is problem #4: The U.S. and the world allows China to provide a large majority of the illegal drugs, electronics, clothing, toys, medicines, etc. The world has incrementally allowed China to become the world’s “department store”.

It is time to rethink everything we do with China, and to get away from these Communist miscreants ASAP before they kill us all with their insidious diseases and viruses.

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