He’s Probably A Nice Guy To Other Arrogant Racists That Look Like Him


Barack Hussein Obama – He must be the one, our Lord and Savior. We must listen and obey. All Hail Dear Leader Obama.

The Left still gets quivers up their legs, weak knees, teary eyes, the shakes, and shivers up their spine when the name Obama is merely mentioned in passing, let alone having the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Him live, in person, for $50,000 a plate or so that is.

Newsweek certified Obama during his 8-year regime with repeated photos on the cover with grandiose verbiage:

  • Obama In Charge
  • God Of All Things
  • The Second Coming
  • The Obama Conquest
  • God the Father or God the Son?
  • The First Gay President
  • Obama: Messiah?
  • Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?
  • The Democrat’s Reagan
  • Obama Pictured as a Religious Madonna (I know, it’s a little weird right? A Madonna was always a woman until now.)

Trump has always been portrayed as crazy, stupid, lazy, fat, dangerous, a war monger, Putin’s puppet, etc.

Trump is always portrayed as a buffoon, a bully, a war monger, a fool and/or crazy.

Obama wears his racism on his sleeve, like a badge of honor. He was proud of being leery of “white folks” when he was younger because that’s that his grandmother taught him while his mother and grandfather indoctrinated him into Communism from a young age.

So he has the best of both worlds to fall back on. He can rant and rave about how great communism is and if anyone attempts to engage him in debate about it he just calls them a racist.

Racism and Communism. What could possibly go wrong by electing this person to the highest office in the land, twice?

We believe he is sincerely a nice guy to people like him, others not so much. He said in the past that if anyone disagrees with him, for his followers to take them out. That’s the Chicago way. He also said those of us who disagree can come “along for the ride” but that we have to “sit in the back.”

And we also know that he has a sense of humor because he finally, after 3½ years of Gropin’ Joe running for President and Obama refusing to endorse him, Obama decided he would give his unwavering endorsement to his 8-year VP of record, Joe Biden last week. After Bernie Sanders dropped out.

Granted, there was no man, woman, black guy, black woman, gay dude, lesbian, or tranny left standing at this point, but that’s not the point is it? Or is it?

Who else would he endorse? Maybe President Trump? Even Obama knows that Biden doesn’t stand a snowflakes chance in hell of beating the President. It’s like sending an 11-year old into a political debate with a Rhodes Scholar that has a degree in political science.

Orange Man Bad will come out victorious and then a whimpering, snotty faced, spoiled, entitled, prevaricating little brat will come out claiming victory.

And then 10 minutes later he will have forgotten the debate ever occurred.

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