Let’s Get Real America


The so-called mainstream media in the U.S. is treating the Wuhan coronavirus in a totally disingenuous manner. Their sycophants on the Left are now convinced that this it Trump’s fault and that it’s the worst thing that has ever happened on Planet Earth. And all because Orange Man Bad.

Of course, that is just Socialist hyperbole and lies which are meant to work up their mentally challenged base into action, i.e. violence against Trump supporters.

Harken back to the 2009-10 H1N1 “Swine Flu” virus pandemic during Obama’s regime. This was the same H1N1 virus that ravaged the world in 1918-1920 and was incorrectly named the “Spanish flu”. The fact is that both of the pandemics originated in China.

The 2009 H1N1 version infected 1.4 billion people worldwide with the virus and nearly 600,000 died from it. In the U.S. 275,000 were hospitalized and 13,000 died, and not a single time did the media blame President Obama for any of the deaths or hospitalizations. NOT ONCE!

Not once did the media blame Obama for the virus itself. Not once did the media question anything about his administration’s response. Not once did the media do anything except provide cover to Obama and the Chinese during the entire pandemic.

Yet the Leftist mainstream media still reports that the virus was first “discovered in California”, while they do not qualify that as the first U.S. case of the virus discovered. Why that omission? So their omission makes it read as if the virus originated in the U.S., which it did not, and provides further cover for the Chinese.

Remember, at this time, Joe Biden was a special U.S. emissary to China, sent by Obama, and that Biden’s son Hunter was receiving $1.5 billion cash from China to invest in property in the U.S. plus other monies ($83,000/month) from Ukraine.

Reminds us of China and W.H.O. telling us that they have evidence “suggesting” that the U.S. military was involved in releasing the latest virus in Wuhan, China so the U.S. could blame the Chinese. Yeah, right, sure, whatever. All lies, smoke and mirrors with more lies piled on top.

So as the snowflakes, the mainstream media, Democrats/Socialists, Hollyweirdos and other miscreants wail and moan and cry that Trump is killing us all, exactly how bad does this pandemic measure up to others throughout history?

  • #10 – The Great Bubonic Plague of Milan (1629 – 1631)
    Origin: Milan, Italy. Death toll: 1 million
  • #9 – Hong Kong Flu H3N2, China (1968 – 1970)
    Origin: China. Death toll: 4 million
  • #8 – Cholera Pandemic of India/Indonesia (1817 – present)
    Origin: India. Death toll: 95,000/year
  • #7 – Antonine Plague (Measles & Smallpox) (165 – 180 A.D.)
    Origin: Rome, Italy. Death toll: 5 million
  • #6 – Third Plague (Bubonic) of China (1885 – 1950’s)
    Origin: Chinese province of Yunnan. Death toll: 12 million
  • #5 – HIV/AIDS (late 1970s – present)
    Origin: Democratic Republic of the Congo. Death toll: 35 million
  • #4 – Plague of Justinian (Bubonic) (541 – 750 A.D.)
    Origin: Eastern Roman Empire’s Africa. Death toll: 50 million
  • #3 – Spanish Flu H1N1 (1918 – 1920)
    Origin: China (revisionist Socialist history says the origin of this virus is “undetermined” after 90 years of factual history: Death toll: 50 million
  • #2 – New World Smallpox of the Americas (1520 – mid 1600s)
    Origin: Spaniard Christopher Columbus introduced the virus into North/Central/South America/Caribbean. Death toll: 56 million
  • #1 – The Black Death (Bubonic) (1347 – 1351)
    Origin: Central Asia or China. Death toll: 200 million

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