No matter how many haters there are of Donald Trump, that does not change the reality that the pandemic caused by the Chinese coronavirus is CHINESE in origin. No amount of naysaying, obfuscation, or lies by the Socialists in America will change that fact, and the Democrats are livid.

Our site has been hacked twice due to our intransigence in refusing to call the CHINESE coronavirus something that it is not, like the U.S. virus, COVID-19 (fake made up name by W.H.O. to deflect blame from China), etc.

The Chinese mantra that the U.S. military was the cause of the pandemic is propaganda, again to deflect blame from the real culprit, China. It’s just sad and tragic that the U.S. media believes the Chinese version of events over reality.

The British intelligence services have determined that China IS the source of the virus, not the U.S. military. The Brits determined that it came from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China in November 2019, most likely an accidental release because of weak internal safety measures, but it also could have been intentional. We do not know as the Chinese lie, lie, lie.

So why do we believe that China is the source, besides 90% of the world believing China is the source?

  • In November 2019 China reported that a “new” type of pneumonia virus had infected someone in Wuhan, China.
  • In December China arrested numerous doctors who warned about this virus.
  • In January many media figures and doctors “went missing” after speaking out about the virus. None have resurfaced as of this writing.
  • China ordered the World Health Organization to claim the virus could not be transmitted by human-to-human even though China knew it could, and W.H.O. dutifully complied with their Chinese masters.
  • China allowed flights out of Wuhan to other countries after banning flights from Wuhan to the rest of China.
  • Starting in November 2019, China bought up much of the world’s ventilators, masks, and other medical and PPE equipment.
  • China and W.H.O. on the same day released media statements asserting that new “evidence” suggests that the virus was introduced into China by the U.S. military. Iran followed up the next day by repeating the accusation.
  • China banned research into the origins of the virus — unless approved by the Chinese Communist Party.

So as you can see, China probably had nothing to do with the coronavirus being spread worldwide, but there remains the remote possibility that they are responsible.

Kung flu. Chinese coronavirus. Wuhan virus. Chi-Com virus. Does the name really matter?

Yes it does! China brought this willingly to the world, and millions will end up dying as a result. China needs to be brought to their knees by the rest of the world.

DO NOT BUY CHINESE MADE PRODUCTS. This will cause pain in the short term, because we’ve become accustomed to cheap, shoddy everything from China. Electronics. Clothing. Shoes. Trinkets. Knick knacks. Toys. Games. Furniture. Bedding. We get 99% of all these things from China!

Time to cut the cord and let China drift out to sea and meet their ultimate demise. WE are keeping China alive with U.S. dollars. WE are building up China’s military so they can go to war against us. WE are the reason the Chinese have become so powerful.

Now in America we have a Democratic party that is much more aligned with China’s policies than with U.S. policies. Many in the Democrat party have blamed the coronavirus on President Trump.

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy said that the reason that “we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did, it’s not because of anything the WHO [World Health Organization] did, it’s because of what this president did.”

So the Dems are saying that the entire worldwide pandemic is President Trump’s fault. Trump must have personally disseminated the virus to all 192 countries across the globe, without our knowledge or consent. Orange Man Bad, again!

And it must be true because Iran, China, and Russia all agree that the U.S. was the origin of the virus. And we all know that Iran, China, and Russia are above reproach and are as honorable and honest as the millennium is long.

The Deputy Director of China’s Foreign Ministry Information Department, Lijian Zhao accuses the U.S. of being the source of the virus. “When did Patient Zero appear in the United States? How many people are infected? What is the name of the hospital? It may be that the US military brought the epidemic to Wuhan. America needs to be transparent! The United States owes us an explanation!” Zhao ranted recently.

Russia is blaming the United States for unleashing the raging Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on China in a Trump-sanctioned effort to cripple the latter’s economy. They contend 2019-nCoV is really an American bio warfare weapon developed by U.S. scientists and covertly launched by American spies to destroy rival China.

All this Socialist hand-wringing over how to protect China’s honor is mind-boggling. China has no honor.

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