Mosques Can Remain Open But Churches & Synagogues Must Close


Islamic privilege. This is a prime example of just that. As most cities and states across the nation ban Christian churches and Jewish synagogues from holding services for their worshipers, it seems that the followers of Islam do not have to follow the same restrictions.

New York state has categorically banned all “non-essential gatherings of any size for any reason”, specifically mentioning “churches and synagogues”. No mention of Islamic mosques as being non-essential.

When the outbreak started several Imams expressed concern that Muslims would “become anxious” if their daily prayers were cancelled, so mosques are exempt from the ban.

Poor widdle Muzwims. They are so special. They don’t have to just adapt like everyone else and follow the same rules. because the government carves out special rules for them, again.

New York Mayor Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill de Blasio, threatened to “permanently” close churches and synagogues if they conducted services. Churches and synagogues, not mosques. Got it?

Not surprising action from New York city’s #1 Socialist, who abhors freedoms such as private property ownership (unless he’s the owner) and people getting rich (unless it’s him or people he knows).

The Democrats said publicly that they could use the Chinese coronavirus crisis to inject their policies by hiding programs in the massive spending bills. This is just a small part of that. They’ve chosen Islam as their faith of choice. They’ve chosen Socialism and/or Communism as their ideology. They’ve chosen AOC as their de facto leader.

It’s going to be a wild ride to November!

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