This is Biden’s #MeToo Moment – He Should Embrace As He Most Certainly Earned It


We’re not going to rehash all the old videos and photos of Joe Biden fondling young girls, smelling women’s hair, kissing women whom he doesn’t know, saying outrageous and patently false historical references he was involved in.

Seriously, about the only thing Biden hasn’t been involved in during the 20th century was he didn’t help design the atomic bomb and he didn’t work in an In and Out Burger. Other than that, according to Biden he’s been everywhere and is sort of responsible for everything.

Adam Ford of is giving us a “Treat for Tuesday.”

A former staffer of Joe Biden, Tara Reade, has accused of penetrative sexual assault that allegedly occurred in the 1990s. She told family members and a couple of friends, who have recounted the episode.

Then out comes a clip from the Larry King Show in 1993 featuring Tara Reade’s mother. She called to seek advice on how her daughter should deal with “problems” she was having “working for a prominent senator” without “going to the press out of respect for him.” (the senator that is)

The plot then thickens as a former neighbor of Reade’s, a staunch, lifelong Democrat and Biden supporter and a complete Trump hater – came forward to corroborate the story, telling of how Reade told her of the alleged assault in the mid-90s.

Unlike the total lack of anything to link Brett Kavanaugh to the now discredited and proven liar, Christine Blasey-Ford, this folks is what is called “evidence”. They accomplish this little thing called “adding credibility” to an accusation.

The fact that now there is 200% more evidence than Nancy Pelosi ever had against Kavanaugh, Pelosi has endorsed Biden’s bid for the presidency. She had the nerve to refer to him as “the personification of values and integrity.”

The good old days was Pelosi wearing her white virtue dress while championing all women who accuse men of assaulting them. We recall Pelosi saying that she believed as the “gospel truth” Blasey-Ford’s complaint against Kavanaugh, despite the complete lack of evidence.

We remember that witness after witness that Blasey-Ford claimed would back up her story:

  • Didn’t know who she was
  • Didn’t remember the party
  • Didn’t remember her telling them she’d been raped and almost killed during a party they never attended

Not a single one of her witnesses could back up any part of her accusation. Yet the Democrats held hearing, investigations, had the FBI investigate Kavanaugh again and again, and they even manufactured evidence and got other women to allege that Kavanaugh and his friends drugged women and gang raped them over a course of years. But they were proven to be mentally unstable women who lied because they hate Trump also.

Biden refuses to speak to the accusation and his campaign people deny the allegation. When Pelosi was asked about the accusations against Biden she replied “I am satisfied with his answer.” Let’s be clear here, Biden has not given a reply. He refuses to answer questions or put himself in a position to have to respond to them

But can you imagine his answer and ramblings we would be the welcome receivers of if he did? We’d have sound bytes for a year!

So Adam Ford took some of Pelosi’s old, and still active, tweets and just replaced Blasey-Ford’s name with Ms. Reade’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s name with Biden’s name.

Now IF Nancy Pelosi had an ounce of intellectual honesty this is what it would look like. Thank you Adam Ford!

But Nancy Pelosi says she is satisfied with Biden’s campaign’s answer of “we deny the allegation.”.

Oh my, what is that shiny object over there???

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