To What End?


This entire thing is starting to stink to high heaven. Chinese coronavirus. Kung flu. Wuhan virus. British intelligence agencies say it “escaped” from a research laboratory, a military bio-warfare research laboratory to be exact.

It does look like it may have been accidentally carried out of a lab, possibly by a contaminated technician or worker. The Chinese have been doing research on bat corona viruses for years. The Obama administration even game them a $3.7 million grant to study corona viruses. Coincidence?

The Chinese and W.H.O. have alluded to unsubstantiated reports that the virus was introduced into Wuhan, China by the U.S. military. Oddly, the Chinese government and the Director General of W.H.O. released the same information, almost verbatim, just hours apart.

But why is this virus being treated so differently? We get a new Chinese flu at least once a year and we didn’t shut down America for any of those. Just pointing this out for those that conveniently don’t remember, like the MSM and Democrats.

In total, the CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died.

In the spring of 2009 a new influenza A (H1N1) emerged killing approx. 575,000 worldwide. Not a single business closed in the U.S. No schools closed. Pools remained open. Restaurants remained open. There was no such thing as “social distancing.” The media remained silent and obedient to the regime and ignored it.

Note that I am not an innocent bystander in this pandemic. I lost a family member two weeks ago to the Chinese coronavirus. But I’m also not a good little automaton that follows the party line of Orange Man Bad no matter what happens to who, when, or where.

This has been politicized to such an extreme degree that it borders on paranoia of the masses thanks to the media and the Democrats. Everything is now Trump’s fault.

I’ll say it again, if Trump cured cancer tomorrow, the day after, the Democrats would introduce a bill to protect the rights of cancerous tumors.

Harken back to the end of January when the Democrats were saying Trump was a racist hater and xenophobic because he was going to restrict flights coming in from…. CHINA!

And he was xenophobic and racist because he wanted to restrict immigration coming in through the porous southern border.

And he was just a plain white supremacist racist because he called it the Chinese coronavirus. He should be impeached for this some demanded.

Now they complain that he didn’t enact travel restrictions soon enough. So which is it? Was it manufactured outrage then or is it manufactured outrage now?

They are sickened now that Trump didn’t close the border totally down much sooner. Was it manufactured outrage then or is it manufactured outrage now?

And now that the W.H.O. made brand new rules and protocols for the naming of viruses, due to Chinese indignation and money, it’s commonly called COVID-19 (CO = COrona VI = VIrus D = Disease 19 = Year of 1st Case). There was never a COVID-09, or 14 or 03 was there?

Oh, that’s right. Before this Chinese coronavirus we followed the non-politically correct and functionally correct way of naming viruses and disease by their place of origin. But China didn’t want it called the Chinese virus. So Tedros did their bidding, and Trump rightly cut off $550 million in aid immediately. And the Democrats are livid.

So now the economy is tanked. A good percentage of the workforce is sitting collecting unemployment, which now is more than they are paid for working. It used to be a percentage of what you made, not more than you made. It is an entitled society now though.

Most businesses are closed, many of them to never reopen. And day after day the media blames it on Pres. Trump. 24/7/365. Trump caused the pandemic. It’s HIS fault. Orange Man Bad again!

This is nothing more than political theater designed to influence the weak minded into voting against Trump, no matter who is running against him.

They’ll be threatening to take away your juicy unemployment, which they extended to 52 weeks from 26 weeks for the virus. Well, if you vote for good ‘ole Joe, you can keep your free money, maybe even for much longer!

They’ll tell you that if Trump had kept the Chinese out starting in 1868 that we wouldn’t of had this problem! He waited too damn long!

They tell you that it’ll take 18 mos. to 2 years to come up with a vaccine for the virus, if not longer. They have to develop one first. But it’s Trump’s fault that the American people don’t have a vaccine. If only he had stopped flights from China and shut down our southern border earlier. He did not and people died.

They’ll tell you…. never mind. They’re all lies meant to misinform, obfuscate and indoctrinate into their cult of hatred, the DNC.

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