See Something – Say Something Because It’s National Socialist Snitch On A Neighbor Day!

North Korea, China, Venezuela, Russia and other totalitarian regimes use informants, i.e. snitches, to inform on neighbors, friends and family members. The Democrats in America want you to join them in their snitchathon.

The Democrats are so invested in protecting us from ourselves, that they can’t enact new rules, regulations, fines, fees, tariffs, edicts, etc. fast enough. They’re on a tight schedule as the pandemic will end, so they must enact measures of control now.

How many rolls of TP do you have at home? Do you have more than your government authorized monthly allotment of water and rice? Was your shower today longer than 2 minutes?

They want to make sure we don’t spend too much time in the bathroom, that we eat the “right” foods, don’t run too much water, don’t use too much electricity, don’t go here, don’t do that, you can’t buy this but you can buy this, blah blah blah blah blah.

It’s all about power and control over us and enriching themselves at our expense. It’s never been about “serving” the people. That is just the manufactured narrative that we’ve allowed them to use in perpetuity.

Democrats have always been about control over the American people, but the Chinese coronavirus pandemic has emboldened America’s Socialists and Communists to encourage American citizens to snitch on their fellow Americans, just like communist countries force their citizens to do.

They are attempting to turn America into a huge North Korea where friends and neighbors “snitch” on their friends and neighbors for supposed infractions of the “stay at home” or “lockdown” orders, or whatever the order of the day is from our Socialist leaders.

Today it’s because of the “virus”. Tomorrow what will their totalitarian excuse be? Is it because of “global climate change”? Or because of Orange Man Bad and his deplorable followers said something “offensive.” Or could it be that it is for our benefit because we are still too stupid and naive to know any better?

They could, for once, just be intellectually honest and tell the truth. That it is because they want more power and control over us. But truths, facts, integrity, and honesty are antithetical to Democrats.

So the Socialists in America are calling upon their fellow Socialists to inform on their fellow citizens, their neighbors, their friends, and their families so that they may learn the proper way of following the herd.

Do as you’re told. Listen and Obey. Report those who resist against the Collective. It is your duty. That’s what they are telling you.

In California, New York and Florida and many other states, people have called the police on their neighbors, friends and fellow citizens for doing irresponsible, crazy and dangerous activities such as:

  • Sitting in your own back yard
  • Married couple holding hands while walking
  • BBQ’ing on your own property
  • Sitting on your own front porch
  • Walking down the street in your own neighborhood
  • Sitting on a deserted beach
  • Children playing in their own front yard
  • Sitting in an empty park
  • Traveling from one property to another that you own
  • Taking a drive to get out of the house
  • A woman cutting her own husband’s hair
  • People not observing “social distancing” even though they live in the same household together
  • Delivering groceries to an elderly and invalid relative
  • Not wearing a mask in public (it’s not a law in most places)

We could go on and on, but just imagine the most innocuous and innocent behavior that you could do, and getting the police called on you for it. This is the new America the Democrats are “making”.

How far out are we from reporting people for saying they don’t agree with a Democrat’s policies? Will they be assessed a fine or will they be turned over to the Socialist Order Police for Law and Obedience that have the power to beat, arrest, imprison, and/or kill suspected “dissidents” to the Socialist cause?

Or will they just send your friends and neighbors to the local reeducation and/or extermination camp as envisioned by Bernie Sanders and his campaign staff? We are rapidly moving closer to this scenario if we allow this insanity to continue.

They have informers/snitches in Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela, and anywhere where there are despots and tyrants oppressing the people, they have their private “Gestapo” to protect them.

In America, we call this Gestapo group “Antifa”. They are the militant wing of the Democrat party, armed to the teeth, indoctrinated, angry, and well funded by Soros and Obama sycophants.

The Dems are using the Chinese coronavirus as an excuse to curtail our civil liberties and human rights. As Communists do in every country they are a force in, they use any crisis as an excuse to further encroach on people’s rights and freedoms. It’s what good little Commies and Socialists do.

Half-Whitmer in Michigan is a stellar example of an idiot Communist “in control.” Issuing edicts left and right, demanding that millions of “her people” to do her bidding. This idiot has forgotten that she was elected by “her people” to serve them, not rule over them with an iron fist. She’ll find out what the people think about her during the next election cycle unless she suspends elections, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

If we continue to allow the step-by-step encroachment of our rights and civil liberties by the Socialists/Communists, we’ll wake up one morning to CNN and MSNBC being the only two television stations being broadcast.

Don’t think it can happen here? 30 years ago who would have thought that not only committed, but declared Socialists and Communists would be the standard bearers for the Democrat party?