Really? $660 Million To Treat 1,177 Chinese Coronavirus Cases


$560,747 per patient. Repeat: Five Hundred Sixty Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Seven dollars. ( I left $0.66 off end of the total)

That is how much it cost to treat each patient at one of dozens “field hospitals” that were set up under emergency circumstances by the Army Corps of Engineers. They contracted private companies to turn arenas, convention centers, auditoriums, parks, etc. into emergency field hospitals.

The Democrats said due to the “no response” to the Chinese virus by the Trump administration they were forced to do this so that we could treat the millions of infected and dying Wuhan virus casualties. The Democrat’s “models” showed possibly tens of millions becoming infected and possibly dying.

And of course these numbers were politically hyped up to further accuse the President of doing nothing to mitigate the virus. Also the propaganda wing of the DNC (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, WaPo, HuffPo, Daily Kos, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.) all repeat the lies, not caring to actually report facts and reality.

So they were given a blank check to spend spend spend to try and save the lives of these millions of Americans that were going to become infected in the next several weeks. And spend they did.

So they set up dozens of them all around the country so they could attempt to minimize the casualty rate. They provided and stocked them with PPE, partitions, beds, sheets, pillows, lights, heat, A/C, internet, food, water, emergency generators, tents, medicines, security personnel, physician assistants, nurses, and doctors.

And then they waited. And waited. Then they waited some more.

Now the old adage is (now was) “Build it, and they will come.” But they didn’t come. They were expecting tens of thousands of patients by the end of May, yet they’ve only treated 1,177 patients as of May 4, 2020, and 1,095 of those were treated in a single facility in New York City.

They started laying people off. Then many of them closed, without having seen a single Chinese coronavirus patient. Zip Zero Nada.

Granted, that is wonderful news, that the virus isn’t even 100th as bad as some had promised us it was going to be. But then the Dems do have a habit of hyping up anything they can to try and damage President Trump, and they saw this as a colossal opportunity, no matter what he did, as usual.

Trump initiated health screenings and travel restrictions on flights coming from certain areas, and was lambasted by the media and their Democrat masters as a “xenophobe” and a “racist” He “hates Chinese people.”

Then when they saw that the rest of the world was doing the exact same things, Trump was lambasted by the media and their Democrat masters because he didn’t impose travel restrictions and health screenings soon enough.

Again, Orange Man Bad.

It actually is a damning indictment of the entire program, and to be revealed by NPR is a mystery as they are normally complicit in hiding things of this nature. It must have been an off day for the editor.

Here is a list of the “field hospitals”, courtesy of NPR.

SUNY Stony BrookStony Brook, N.Y.Turner Construction Co.$1561,0380
SUNY Old WestburyOld Westbury, N.Y.AECOM Technical Services Inc.$1191,0220
McCormick PlaceChicagoMetropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority$653,00037
Westchester County CenterWhite Plains, N.Y.Haugland Energy Group LLC$471000
Colorado Convention CenterDenverECC Environmental LLC$352,0000
Walter Washington Convention CenterWashington, D.C.Hensel Phelps Construction Co.$32443Not yet complete
Commercial Appeal BuildingMemphis, Tenn.AECOM Technical Services Inc.$2640Not yet complete
Miami Beach Convention CenterMiami Beach, Fla.The Robins & Morton Group$264500
Sherman HospitalElgin, Ill.Turner Construction Co.$182830
Westlake HospitalMelrose Park, Ill.Bulley & Andrews$163140
MetroSouth Medical CenterBlue Island, Ill.Clark Construction Group LLC$153500
Wisconsin State Fair Expo CenterWest Allis, Wis.Gilbane Inc.$155300
The Ranch Events ComplexLoveland, Colo.AECOM Technical Services Inc.$141,007Not yet complete
Suburban Collection ShowplaceNovi, Mich.Gilbane Federal$121,1006
Javits CenterNew York CityNew York Convention Center Operating Corporation$1131,9001,095
East Orange General HospitalEast Orange, N.J.Cutting Edge Group LLC$11250Not yet complete
TCF CenterDetroitGilbane Inc.$101,00039


*Plans for several facilities have been scaled back, including at McCormick Place in Chicago, which was cut back to 1,000 beds before being closed.
Source: Army Corps of Engineers,, Federal Procurement Data System
Credit: Stephanie Adeline/NPR

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