W.H.O. = Wuhan Hoax Organization PROOF!


Americans, let’s qualify that, conservative Americans are beginning to lose their warm and fuzzy feeling about China. The Democrats in America have been molly coddling China, giving them most favored nation trade status, no tariffs on imported goods, etc. for decades.

The Democrats, including Democrat Presidential candidate still says that China isn’t anything to worry about and that a healthy and growing China is for for America. He actually says this, repeatedly.

So we give China the world and they pay us back by stealing our intellectual property and mass-producing it, hacking into our infrastructure and stealing anything and everything they can. And then every year we have another new “flu”, or “virus”, or “syndrome” or “disease”, and a majority of them originate in China.

Africa has seen an explosive increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the past month and an exponential increase of Chinese and W.H.O. influence being exerted. This has worried many of Africa’s leaders, one so much so that he decided to “test the waters”, so to speak.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli had become quite suspicious of the role that the W.H.O. organization was playing in the response to the Wuhan virus. He wasn’t sure that they were as reputable, reliable, and as ethical as they and the Chinese purport themselves to be.

So President Magufuli decided to send three random samples to be tested for the coronavirus. He sent the W.H.O. samples of:

  • A goat
  • A papaya
  • A quail

When the results were received, all three tests results from the W.H.O. laboratory came back as POSITIVE for the human Wuhan virus. The quail, the papaya, and the goat all had COVID-19.

As soon as President Magufuli heard this he went and confronted W.H.O. officials and immediately expelled the organization from Tanzania. W.H.O. has not commented on the situation.

So either the strain of the coronavirus tearing through Tanzania is more infectious than any of the other strains, to the point of infecting fruits, vegetables, goats, and birds, OR the W.H.O. is purposely padding the results to push back against Trump’s correct attacks on them.

A third possibility exists as well. Maybe the W.H.O. is as “badly broken” as Vox stated in 2015. Maybe they are incapable of fulfilling their role. If that’s the case why is the U.S. giving them over $500 million every year?

In any of the above, it’s proper and correct that the President ceased funding this monstrosity of an organization, and long overdue.

The shoddy workmanship and unreliability of the PPE and COVID-19 tests for the U.S. have caused untold harm as only approximately 30% of the masks and tests work as designed. 70% of them have to be discarded.

And this is not to mention that China manufactures a majority of our pharmaceuticals and/or pre-cursor chemicals and substances. How long are we going to let the Chinese dictate what we do, when we do it, how we do, and who we do it with?

The Chinese have overplayed their hand this time and have show America and the world that they are not our friend, and are not a good neighbor. They have proven that they are the enemy of mankind, freedom and liberty.

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