FREE STUFF v6.6.20


George Floyd’s death was tragic and uncalled for. To say it is “tolerated” is to engage in false narrative, also known as a lie.

The police that were involved have been arrested and charged, and are sitting in jail awaiting trial. Being charged with 2nd-degree murder is not “tolerating” a man, any man, being killed. It’s following the laws of the land. Investigate. Charge. Arrest. Jail. Prosecute. If convicted, the law also spells out the appropriate punishment.

So what is all the “protesting”, i.e looting and arson all about? It’s not really about “justice”. How does stealing 80″ flatscreens fix the problem? How does burning down hundreds of small businesses, putting thousands of your neighbors out of work fix the problem?

It doesn’t and it’s not about justice for George Floyd. It’s about free stuff.

Lots of FREE STUFF. The rioting is a cover for their “steal all you want without getting arrested” card. They want you to fear them. They want you to stay locked up while they steal everything, and we do mean everything.

It’s not about Mr. Floyd’s death any longer. That train has left the station. This is about people willfully rioting, committing arson, assaulting citizens and police, burning cars, shooting police and much more.

How does that bring people together for a common cause?

Defund the police? For real? This is even something that would be under serious consideration? And which major city is going to be the first one to lay off 100% of their policemen, send them home to collect unemployment? New York City? Los Angeles? Detroit? Baltimore? San Francisco? Denver?

Which big city mayor has the courage of his publicly stated convictions Mr. De Blasio, whose real name is Warren Wilhelm, which sounded too white and Jewish.

Give it a 14-day trial run in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Send the police home with orders to not do any policing duties of any type for any reason. If the 5 boroughs of the “world’s greatest city” can escape unscathed of 14 days without any police?

Then it is something that we should definitely talk about and probably implement. If NYC can do without police for 2 weeks? Then the rest of America can do it. Fuggedaboutit.

Remember, the big city mayors all talk big about the “rights” of the rioters to act out and loot and commit arson. They don’t talk about your rights to not have your business and/or home looted and/or burned to the ground. But there is a reason for that. You don’t have those rights any longer.

It’s a new day baby! It’s the new normal when you don’t get your way now.

Burn down the neighborhood, but only after stealing everything.