The United States of…MEXICO?


I love Mexico. I love my Mexican wife. I love my Mexican family. I love Mexican culture. I love Mexican food. I love the Mexican people. I love Mexican tequila, not the swill they allow to come North to the U.S. for us to drink (I don’t blame them, I’d keep the good stuff too!).

I love Mexican archaeological sites such as Chichen Izta, Pelenque, Teotihuacan and Coatzacoalcos. I love their historic cities like Mexico City, San Cristobal, and Merida.

What I don’t love about Mexico is their total lack of public safety and security. There is no order. This is the direct result of the fact that many cities they have very few police, and in some cities, they have no police.

While driving on any public highway in Mexico you may encounter roving roadblocks, set up by the Mexican Marines, the Federales, or the Army. Their job is to catch drug cartel and gang members, to interdict drug shipment (or money), to catch human traffickers and/or their victims, and to catch kidnapper and/or their victims.

Also while driving on any public highway in Mexico you may encounter roving roadblocks, set up by drug cartels, kidnapping gangs, human traffickers, or just corrupt Federales. They may do nothing to you. They may rob you. They may beat and rape you. They may kill you. They might just steal your vehicle. They might kidnap one of you.

The roadblocks all look “authentic”. Both are heavily armed, have military-style vehicles, are carrying machine guns, and are dressed in military garb. But beware, both types are equally dangerous, and at that moment, your life is literally in their hands. You must stop at all roadblocks or you will be shot, multiple times.

And if you suddenly turn around to avoid the roadblock, they will chase you down as you are surely guilty of something or you would not have ran away from them.

If they mistake you for a rival gang member or think that you recognize them from a previous crime, or that you have something they want, they may just take it. Or they could just shoot you and dump your body in the jungle never to be seen again. But who are you gonna call?

The Federales? Like they care. The Mexican Marines? They are out for big game and we’re little fish, though they are the most incorruptible force in Mexico. They are Mexico’s last line of defense now that the Army has gone over to the dark side with Obrador.

But this is Mexico, and it’s been getting worse for the past 30 years as the drug cartels exert their influence on more of Mexican society and legitimate businesses.

Mexico had 35,558 murders in 2019 (Pop: 123,000,000) and an additional 5,000+ people simply “disappeared”. In Mexico empirical evidence shows that the disappeared are rarely found, dead or alive.

The U.S had 16,214 murders in 2019 (Pop: 328,000,000) and an additional 26,000+ people went missing. Empirical evidence shows that more than 95% of those are found, most of them alive, having ran away from home, left an abusive relationship, or hiding for personal/legal reasons. 3% disappear, turning up years in the future, and 2% are gone, never to be seen again.

So when AOC, Queen Nancy, Princess Maxine, Turd Omar, etc. get their way and the police are no more, what then? Who you gonna call when you need help?

Where there are few or no police, the void {in Mexico} was filled with either drug cartel siccarios (hitmen) or by vigilantes. The police that are working are hopelessly corrupt, and they are not to blame.

If you have a choice of taking the drug cartel’s money and turning a blind eye, or your family will be raped, tortured, and then dismembered in front of your eyes before you yourself are killed, what would you do?

But not to worry, they give you lots of time to consider their proposition. Take your time… 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… It’s a no brainer.

In America, if the police are defunded or disbanded, the result would be the same. There would be few if any police on the street and they would have severely limited powers. And if the loony Left gets their way, the police would also be disarmed and have no guns, no stun guns, no mace, no pepper spray, no tear gas, just a billy club.

In America, that void would be filled, according to the Left, by their very own public order professionals, also known as Antifa, and augmented by paramilitary groups such as BLM, and the NBPP. They would be assisted by neighborhood groups (gangs) with a mandate that since the black man felt the pain of deficient policing for years, it is time to give the “wood” a taste.

Think about this scenario. You’re sleeping in the middle of the night and you hear someone break a window and enter your house. What do you do? Pick up your gun and protect your family, right? Not so fast there slick

Remember, you don’t have a gun because when they disbanded the police, one of the pieces of “pork” in the bill was to confiscate the citizen’s guns. You don’t need them any longer since there are no police to threaten you any longer, and the “community police” are more than capable to handle any situation.

OK, so you don’t have a gun, but you can call the cops! Uh-oh… You notice that the leader of the Antifa platoon tasked with securing your neighborhood is the one that broke your door down and is attempting to rape your daughter. Go figure eh?

So you are at the mercy of your very own neighborhood “gang” of community police that you enabled by being a wimp and not standing up against thugs, rioters, arsonists, thieves, looters, and other miscreants when you had the chance.

Ye shall reap what ye shall sow.

If thugs are stealing your belongings, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? If thugs want to rape your 16-year-old daughter, who you gonna call, Batman? What if thugs want to murder you and your wife and then move into your house, who you gonna call? Bill de Blasio (aka Warren Wilhelm)?

If there are no centralized police, will there be a number to call? Or what if the community police and the thugs are one and the same, which is likely to become a reality all across America.

Who do you call?

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