Will You Defend the Courage of Your Convictions Or All You All Mouth and No Action?


So it’s finally come to a head. The Socialists are rioting, looting and burning thousands of businesses so that they can force America to enact their vision of government.

A land with no police. A land with no private property rights. A land where authority lies with he who has the biggest gun. This is exactly what the city council in Minneapolis has voted for.

Disbanding and dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department. Unanimous vote by the city council. Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said, “Our efforts at incremental reform have failed. Period.”

“Our commitment is to do what is necessary to keep every single member of our community safe and to tell the truth that the Minneapolis Police are not doing that,” Bender continued. “Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department, to end policing as we know it, and to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.”

The rest of America should wholeheartedly agree to this grand social experiment for a minimum of 30 days, no matter what happens. The people of Minneapolis are in agreement with their city council by proxy. They voted them into office to enact radical change, and by God, that is exactly what they are doing.

This could determine the fate of America once and for all. If the experiment is a success and all of a sudden all crime miraculously stops citywide, and all people are peaceful and get along? Then we’re all in!

Socialists can always talk a great game, but they’ve never delivered in the 4th quarter. Are the Socialists in Minneapolis ready to fully embrace the courage of their convictions? Or are they all blather and B.S. as are most Socialists?

Will they do the hard thing and fire the police immediately as demanded by the good citizens of Minneapolis?

If they are serious, and not just pandering to the Black community, then the time for action is now

Give the entire police force, from the Chief down to the patrolman that is on his first-ever shift, a 72-hour notice that they are being terminated, with prejudice. They may not hold another law enforcement position in Minneapolis, or the county in which the city resides, ever again.

Instruct them to turn in their badges, uniforms, vehicles, and weapons issued to them by the department by 4 pm this coming Friday (June 12, 2020). Also, at that point, they are ineligible for unemployment as they were terminated for just cause. Let them feel your pain a little more.

Then let’s sit back and watch the serenity and peace that washes over the great city of Minneapolis. No doubt it will be all rainbows, chocolate sprinkles, and Unicorns.

So to the Minneapolis City Council and Lisa Bender.

Are you ready to defend the courage of your convictions (and your votes) or are you all just typical chicken-shit lying politicians that say one thing and do another.

The world is watching.

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