Pandering has become a virtual lifestyle for the Democrats. They pander to any group that might have a vote (dead/alive/illegal/legal) to offer them. They are especially fond of groups that hate America and white people.

The premise that “Black Lives Matter” is nonsensical on its face. Most of the 328,000,000 humans that live in America believe that all lives are precious. Nobody deserves to be treated badly, especially because of their race, ethnicity, creed, income, education, sexual preference, gender identification, etc.

So in reality, all lives do matter to most of us. Subtract the 13% of blacks that believe only they are worthy, and add to that a few percentage points of self-loathing whites and still a clear majority of Americans believe that all lives do matter, period.

Yet according to those on the Left, only Black Lives Matter. White lives, Asian lives, Latino lives, and Native American lives, don’t matter so much. Don’t believe it? Try going in public and espousing that “all lives matter” and then be prepared for the immediate pushback, which may include a trip to the emergency room and being charged with a racial hate crime.

You’ll be lambasted about your “white privilege” (if you’re white), your inherent racism, your deep hatred of all people not white, etc. etc. etc.

We disagree with their premise that blacks are the only humans worthy of living. I guess that means that all others need to “step off”, i.e. eat a bullet or otherwise remove yourself from the gene pool so that blacks may live in a “black world”.

In America, we call that world “Africa”, and they’ll gladly take any American blacks that wish to emigrate there. So go nuts!

What is frightening is that white people (liberals, progressives, socialists) are advocating for their own eradication and/or removal from society because all whites are inherently racist.

Blacks and Democrats have determined this is factual because some white Democrats, not related to most of us, bought slaves from black slave traders some 200 years ago. And for 200 years they’ve fought tooth and nail against the Republicans who wanted to free the slaves, educate them and integrate them into American society.

And to this day the Democrats are still fighting to keep their blacks on the Democrat plantation. Why not blame the Democrat Party then, as they were the party of slavery and hatred, and still are?

Because of political correctness. White people are evil. Black people are good. This is the ongoing narrative from the Left. These self-loathing whites would rather destroy their country than to be intellectually honest.

Would some facts ruin your day? If so, we’re not sorry…

  • Blacks are approx. 13% of the U.S. population yet commit more than 60% of all crimes
  • 93% of all murders of black men are done by other black men
  • Blacks killed more blacks in 2019 than have been killed by all U.S. police departments in the past 20 years
  • Black baby abortions account for 36% of all abortions in the U.S.
  • Blacks have the highest rate of teen pregnancy
  • Blacks have the highest rate of high school dropouts
  • Blacks have the highest rate of single-parent homes
  • Blacks have the highest illiteracy rate

Yet, only Black Lives Matter?

So when a black man assaults you, robs you, rapes your daughter, or shoots your son, you should have the nearest Japanese tourist arrested, charged, prosecuted, and sent to prison? Does that make sense in any way?

The facts are simple. Blacks are their own worst enemy.

If blacks stopped murdering blacks, the black death rate from murder would drop by 93%.

If blacks stopped aborting their babies, the abortion rate in America would drop by 36%.

If blacks would stop committing crimes, the overall crime rate would drop by more than 60%.

Are these facts that difficult to understand?

There have been 62 MILLION abortions in the U.S. since 1973. That is about 20% of the current population of America. If black women had not aborted 36% of that 62,000,000, then there would be 22,320,000 more black Americans. If white America would refuse to pay for the abortion of black babies with our tax dollars, the rate would drop to nearly 0%.

So tell us again how Black Lives Matter? If you kill 36% of your own people before they are born, is that not genocide?

If it’s “genocide” for the 10 black men to be killed by the police in a single year, then shouldn’t killing approx. 400,000 black babies every year qualify as genocide as well?

Blacks need to take some responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming racism for everything. I’ve never seen a white man force a black man to commit an armed robbery, or to shoot drugs in his arm, or to shoot another black man. Ever.

Have you? So to blame all the inequities in the black community on white people and/or systemic racism is a false narrative. They always make whites the “boogeyman” for political purposes, especially around election time.

It’s been the Democrat strategy ever since a Republican named Abraham Lincoln emancipated the black slaves on Sept. 22, 1862.

Note that soon thereafter Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a life-long Democrat, pro-slavery activist, and Confederate sympathizer.

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