“Shaniqua” Goes Berserk Over Declined EBT Card


This obviously entitled black woman, and those like her, are collectively called Shaniqua. Just as stupid and racist entitled white women are collectively known as Karen.

Well, here is Karen’s sister from another mother. Meet Shaniqua. She’s black, she’s angry, and she’s big (though not morbidly obese Stacey Abrams big).

Shaniqua, who has obvious problems with coordinating her wardrobe, also has some anger management issues she needs to deal with.

Her EBT card was declined because it had NO FREE TAXPAYER’S MONEY in the account because she had already spent it all! And this is her response…

The mainstream media refuses to report on “Shaniqua” as they’re too busy talking about “Karen”. Of course, Shaniqua is black so it’s tolerable behavior.

No one is race shaming Shaniqua. No one is calling Shaniqua a racist. No one is saying what Shaniqua did was wrong. No one can get her fired from her job because she obviously doesn’t need one as she has an EBT card.

It’s evident trying to publicly shame her wouldn’t work, as she has none. Her family and friends are used to her behavior and probably consider it normal.

And it’s difficult to believe after watching this video that Shaniqua is a productive member of society or a Rhodes scholar. Though she could very possibly be a Nobel Peace Prize Award winner. The bar for receiving that award is fairly low.

Hint: Shaniqua, if you would go get this thing called a job instead of sitting on your lazy fat ass swilling 45s, smoking reefer, and eating Cheetohs, then you’d probably have money in this thing called a “bank account”.

Then you could buy all the Cheetohs you could ever want.

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