Bubba Wallace Joins Jussie Smollett In The Fake Racial Hate Crime Accusation Club


Bubba Wallace is 5’6″ tall, 165# of pure muscle, and is as tough as nails. He is a rough and tumble NASCAR driver, the only black driver currently driving for NASCAR. He eats steel for breakfast and titanium for dinner with concrete for dessert.

The FBI is generally known or was known as the premier investigative organization in America. They are/were known for thorough, exhaustive, and complete investigations that get to the truth. Of course, this was before they became the investigative arm of the DNC, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Back to Bubba the Fearless.

Bubba isn’t afraid of going 180 mph into a 90° turn. Bubba isn’t afraid to bump bumpers with other multi-thousand pound cars barreling around a racetrack at 200 mph. But would you like to know what scares the living hell out of Bubba?

A pull rope for a garage door.

So much so that he calls the police and the FBI and accuses random white people of the hate crime of putting a “noose” in his garage at the Talladega race track. And what are nooses for? They are meant to either intimidate someone or to hang something. They serve no other purpose.

A pull rope you ask?

Yes. A simple pull rope. The exact same type of pull rope that is installed on most garage doors in America in case you either (a) don’t have a garage door opener installed, or (b) your garage door opener is not working and you must close your door manually, or (c) the electricity went out and your garage door is up and you wish to close it.

Granted some companies when installing them tie a series of knots in the rope enabling someone to maintain a firm grip on the rope, and others tie a simple knot known as a “loop knot” at the end of the rope.

Women prefer the loop knot as it’s much easier to maintain a grip with it. Men don’t care one way or another. It’s a rope to close a garage door with, nothing more, so it need not be fancy or pretty.

I guess that since Bubba wasn’t getting enough attention by actually doing his job and winning races (he has zero NASCAR wins), that he figured he’d spice up the soup a little and manufacture a racial hate crime for fun and profit.

Any publicity is good publicity, right Jussie… sorry Bubba?

Granted, after his buddy Jussie Smollett got away with what he pulled, it seems to be a fairly easy scam to pull off if you want sympathy or you are not getting enough attention and need to increase your 15 minutes of fame by hours and hours.

Note that the FBI rarely finds Leftists, anarchists, Democrats, Progressive, and Socialists guilty of anything other than lapses in judgment or making a mistake. Leftists, minorities, etc. get the benefit of the doubt every single time.

Though the FBI leaves no stone unturned when attempting to frame a white person for a crime that never occurred. Ask Roger Stone or Mike Flynn.

They’ll even go so far as to manufacture evidence and to lie to Federal judges to secure search warrants to convict Trump followers. Yet Bubba doesn’t believe the results of an exhaustive FBI investigation by local police, and then by 15 FBI agents that would do nearly anything to blame it on Orange Man Bad or his supporters.

OK Bubba, you got hours of attention. You got tons of sympathy. You got multiple law enforcement investigations. You got your FBI race crime investigation with 15 FBI agents trying to find the evil, MAGA hat-wearing, white supremacist Trump supporters that assembled that noose and installed it in your garage.

But after a multi-week investigation, tens of thousands of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money spent, and so many calls for the evil white Trump supporters who did this dastardly deed be punished to the fullest extent of the law, what were the results of those multiple racial hate crime investigations?

That the alleged “noose” was exactly what it appeared to be to the average person, a pull rope designed to close a garage door in case the power fails. It was a piece of a rope with a “loop knot” tied at the end of it so that a human hand could grab it and pull the door closed.

This is what the FBI determined. FYI Bubba, they are installed as a precaution, a simple emergency device in case the garage door opener malfunctioned or there was no electricity and you needed to close the door.

How do I know this? I worked for Wayne Overhead Door Company in Indianapolis, IN decades ago and it was required on a new door, and I’m sure it still is as it’s just common sense. In case of a power outage, you may still want to close your garage door.

Yet Bubba stated on Don Lemon’s show on CNN that is it absolutely not a pull rope. He states unequivocally that it is a “noose” and was meant to intimidate him. So then possibly hang him also. He’s convinced it was put up by racist, MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters, that are, of course, white supremacists.

Question to you Bubba. How many black NASCAR fans are there? How many white NASCAR fans are there? Do you suppose that all of the white supremacist NASCAR fans never noticed you were “black” until Talladega?

Than all of sudden they had an epiphany? Bubba is black! Hang him! Really Mr. Bubba? You’re such a nancy boy that you had to call the FBI over a garage door pull rope that God knows you must have seen similar ropes before? That is if you’ve ever really been in a garage.

Now for the question of the day. Was this the only garage door pull rope hanging down from a door at one of the garage stalls at Talladega or do all the garage doors have them?

Hey Bubba! Every single door there has one, check ’em out! Those racists must have been real busy and extremely stealthy to install dozens of “nooses” and nobody saw them doing it.

To be real Bubba, your garage door at home probably has one as well. You’d better call the FBI again because some knuckle-dragging, MAGA hat-wearing, white supremacist, Trump-supporting racist must have broken into your home while you were at Talladega and tied a “noose” to your garage door.

But truth and facts don’t matter to Bubba. He realized it wasn’t a noose from the beginning. But as a proud black man, he “knows” it was a noose meant to intimidate or hang him. He learned this from Jussie Smollett, who is an expert on nooses and fake racial hate crimes.

Bubba, you’ll never make in this sport with your fragile mental state. I saw you almost crying with Don Lemon, even after the FBI said it wasn’t a noose, you were basically calling them liars and stating that you KNOW it is a noose.

Maybe croquet, tiddlywinks, or hopscotch would be better suited to your current fragile mental state?

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