MoCA Test ~ Trump vs Biden

Biden at a rally supporting former KKK Leader Robert Byrd

Biden keeps questioning President Trump’s sanity and cognitive ability. Trump keeps questioning the presumptive Democratic nominee’s cognitive ability.

There is one simple, straightforward, and well established test that both men can take simultaneously, though in separate locations, on live TV and have the result shown live. No tricks. No spin. No lies.

MoCA = Montreal Cognitive Assessment

The test itself is fairly straightforward It’s called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a brief cognitive screening tool to quickly assess Mild Cognitive Impairment.

The test asks patients to perform various simple cognitive tasks, like memorizing strings of words, identifying pictures of animals, and drawing a clock with hands set to particular times.

It’s not difficult for a person without any cognitive impairment to get a perfect score on the MoCA, said Dr. Collin Herman, a neurology resident physician at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, in North Carolina.

Why does the Biden camp flat-out refuse to even consider such a proposition or to release the results of the myriad of cognitive tests that Biden himself says he takes “all the time”?

The MoCA has been used by millions worldwide in over dozens of languages to rapidly define a person’s cognitive ability.

Is Biden intimidated because Trump scored a 30 out of a possible 30 points? Is Biden afraid he’d score 29? 20? 12? Maybe a 1 out of 30 isn’t out of the question by watching Biden on the campai….errrr basement trail. He’s about a quart shy of a gallon.

I just took the test and aced it as well, with the help of my lovely assistant/wife. It’s not rocket surgery or brain science folks. It’s very basic and simple.

Take the test yourself (below). It takes a few minutes with the help of another person. If you pass it then you are evidently over qualified to do Joe Biden’s job, whatever job that is.

Seems as if the average pre-teen would be able to pass this test easily, let alone the man that the DNC and Socialists are telling us is the smartest man on the planet. Well after Obama that is.

And the man that is reticent to take this test, which is practically a “gimme” for a man of his self-described mental acumen, wants to be your President. He is fearful of the truth or would be if he could remember what it was.

So what’s the problem Joe? Are you a man or are you a clucker?

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