That White People Shit – Racist TV Show


Have you seen a TV show called “That White People Shit”? It is a show about activities and exercises that white people do that black people think is stupid and something only ignorant and silly white people would do.

The show is hosted by a supposed comedian that shows things that whites typically do that blacks would never do. The show denigrates whites as being weak, soft, and stupid human beings compared to black people.

They openly mock and denigrate whites for simply exercising and for other activities such as slacklining, rock climbing, honing survival skills, jogging, and playing “white” games such as volleyball, badminton, tennis, ice hockey, etc.

They take white people to task for taxidermy, chainsaw carving, Bigfoot hunting, goth culture, aerial fitness, LARPing, goat yoga, and creative pet grooming.

Not everyone wants to play basketball or football, believe it or not.

“That White People Shit” is overtly racist and offensive to most white people.

What would be the repercussions if there were a show called “That Black People Shit”, and it showcased blacks doing what blacks typically do that most whites don’t?

Blacks love looting stores and then setting them on fire.

Blacks love attacking 90-year old white women by sucker punching them.

Blacks love assaulting and cutting white babies in baby carriages.

Blacks love shooting little black girls to death in Atlanta, GA.

Blacks love running down and killing their white protesters in Seattle, even though they were protesting in favor of BLM.

Blacks love looting 80″ flat screens from Walmart and Target stores.

Blacks love assassinating police officers, white and black ones.

Blacks love shooting dope in their arms.

Blacks love setting police cars and other autos on fire.

Would this show be allowed on cable TV like “That White People Shit” is?


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