The DNC May Have A Lifeline To Save Them


They are counting on a coalition of Socialist opposition and special interest groups, the continued rioting/looting, the gimme of 90% of the black vote, plus the ace card of mail-in voting to steal this year’s election.

They found out in 2016 that they can’t win with just the black vote, several million illegal and dead people votes, in addition to the indoctrinated that actually vote Democrat willingly.

They need millions more to vote for the Socialist Party of America (DNC)

Without mail-in voting and the special interest groups that the Left supports, the Democrats know that they are in for an epic ass-whooping in November. It is their last gasp this year.

They’ve done everything they can to alienate white, Asian and Latino voters. They’ve denigrated them, called them the worst names imaginable, doxxed them, harassed them, shamed them on YouTube and Twitter, burned down their businesses, looted their businesses, and now they want your support.

You unequivocal support for all things black or Socialist. Or else.

Trannies. Blacks. Pedophiles. Antifa. Illegal immigrants. Gays. Murderers. BLM. The abortion business (which kills 900,000 BLACK babies each year). New Black Panther Party. NOW. OAM. Socialists. White supremacists.

All of them have banded together against any Americans that believe America is not a racist, hateful, bigoted, and evil country. You cannot avow your love for America by putting a flag outside your home as it may become a victim of “social justice”, i.e. arson or vandalism.

You cannot have an American flag sticker on your car or you may have windows broken out or your car will get “keyed”. I know because I was keyed for having an American flag sticker on my car.

You cannot give the universally recognized and authorized, 2,000 year old hand gesture for “OK” without being labeled a racist. Why? Because some random black guy was “offended” by it? Really?

So these miscreants are who the DNC is relying on to give them the Presidency in November.

They are counting on making each and every one of you afraid to go out and vote because you’ll die from the Wuhan virus. This even though millions of the miscreants have been on a six-week rioting/arson/murder spree that the health officials say has not caused any increase in cases of the Chinese virus.

So here is what the Democrats and in essence, the medical professionals are saying:

• If you go to a Trump rally, or have a birthday party, or go to the park with your family, or take advantage of your right as an American citizen to vote in person, you deserve to die a horrible and painful death from the Chinese virus because you were stupid stupid stupid.

• But if you want to get together with thousands of strangers, shoot drugs, drink, smoke pot, loot businesses, set thousands of buildings on fire, steal anything not nailed down, assassinate cops and 8-year old girls, set police cars on fire, then you are protected from the Wuhan virus, and you are a smart person.

The DNC is hoping that by election day their “soldiers” will have frightened and cowered you, the silent majority, into submission and you’ll just stay home and not vote.

Know that if you do decide to vote by mail, that a Democrat will be collecting, possibly delivering, and then perusing your ballot to determine if you have voted for the “right” candidate.

If you have not “awakened” by realizing that Biden is almost as much of a God as Obama was, then they’ll either change your vote or it will simply disappear.

At the least, they may even count your vote of “R”, but you’ll be registered into a database that will come back to haunt you, if and when they take power.

NOTE: In the 2016 election in South Florida, weeks after the election, thousands of ballots were being “found”, in the back of pickup trucks, on street corners, dropped off in front of churches, left beside mailboxes, etc. Boxes upon boxes of “lost” ballots.

Tens of thousands of them.

And not a single one was marked for a Republican. Not one in tens of thousands is statistically impossible.

Yet the Democrat controlled voter registrars/counters counted every single vote and if there was a disputed ballot? Mark it “D” and move on.

This is what we’re up against as Democrats control almost all of the state’s registrar offices for some reason.