How Did We End Up Here?


Victor Davis Hanson is an American classicist, military historian, columnist, and farmer.  He has been a commentator on modern and ancient warfare and contemporary politics for National Review, The Washington Times and other media outlets.

He is one of the most respected, and reasonable commentators in America today. And of course, he has hit the nail on the head once again.

In an article on July 9, 2020 he wrote of the “Fragility of the Woke”.

Mr. Hanson eloquently mused, “The woke but godless, the arrogant but ignorant, the violent but physically unimpressive, the degreed but poorly educated, the broke but acquisitive, the ambitious but stalled — these are history’s ingredients of riot and revolution.”

This pretty much sums up the Democratic anarchists that are hell-bent on destroying American culture and the country itself. They have no legitimacy, morally, ethically, or legally. They are criminal anarchists, rioters, looters, arsonists, robbers, muggers, rapists, tresspassers, thugs, drug addicts, and murderers.

America has been waiting for them to prove otherwise, and we’ve been sorely disappointed time and again. They are what they say they are not. America hating thugs and criminals.

Yet, we have the Seattle mayor saying it’s not an occupation, and they really haven’t taken over a police station and 6 city blocks, but that’s it’s just “a summer of love” and she 100% supports Antifa and BLM. Her words.

And it is not just blacks that have gone full-bore Socialist. It’s mainly youths of all colors and backgrounds. And they all have one common thread that binds them all.

They were mainly educated in US public schools/indoctrination centers.

They don’t know (without a smartphone/calculator) what 11+9 is, but they can put a condom on a cucumber, in the dark, in 2 seconds flat.

They don’t know the history of the United States but they know that trannies are an oppressed and maligned group of wonderful people.

They don’t know that Democrats are the KKK and were segregationists until the early 60’s but they know that Trump and all of his supporters are white supremacists.

A 2nd grader can’t tell you what any of their “rights” as an American are, but they know what oral and anal sex are.

We have BLM morons in Atlanta gunning down little girls in the street to prove how much they hate white people and support BLM. Did I mention it seems that they are only killing little black girls?

In fact in combining all the crime statistics from all the “peaceful protests” (in the real world we call it arson, looting and rioting) they reveal that 97% of the victims of BLM and Antifa actions are people of color. Black people to be exact. The perpetrators basically have all been black as well.

So which black lives matter? And exactly who decides which black life is relevant and worthy? BLM and Antifa? The DNC? Obama? The Tooth Fairy? Someone must be directing these fools. Soros and the DNC are paying for it, but who is really in charge?

Dozens shot in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City. Thousands of businesses looted and burned. Hundreds of thousands of people put out of work. Dems blame it all on Trump and his supporters.

And now mayors major cities across America are actively de-funding and/or otherwise decreasing police presence, in favor of BLM and Antifa thugs roaming the streets with their street justice committees.

This is the Democrats “future” they are promising us?

Gangs of unruly youths taking what they want, residing where they want, paying for nothing. Take. Take. Take.

Democrats and their overt racist rhetoric and actions are frightening. They are actively campaigning for blacks to kill random whites so that America will be a safer place.

Sadly, they also know most of them will get away with it as they are no longer arresting black suspects for crimes. They are actually releasing ones already sentenced to prison back to the streets to prey on you and me, again.