One Typical Drug Abuser

Substance Abuse, word cloud concept on black background.

People use drugs for many reasons. For pain, depression, disease, infection, for the high, among other reasons. Many of these drugs, though not all, are prescribed by doctors, and others are available thanks to the Chinese and Mexican drug cartels.

One person’s autopsy has caused quite a stir with one side saying the man was the epitome of health and fitness, while the other side says he abused drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and had numerous health problems.

Let take a random sampling of what drugs one man will put into his body for the purpose of copping a buzz.

According to this man’s autopsy he had heavy amounts of the following drugs in his system when he died:

Nicotine, i.e. cigarettes.

Add THC (marijuana).

Add Cotinine.

Add Caffeine.

Add Fentanyl. (11 mg in his system. 2 mg is a “fatal” dose)

Add Norfentanyl. (5.6 mg in his system)

Add Methamphetamine. (19 mg of meth in his system)

This man also suffered from severe atherosclerotic heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, and had sickle cell anemia. He shouldn’t have been using ANY of the above drugs, legal or illegal.

The man’s name was George Floyd, who was wrongly killed by a policeman earlier this year after being caught passing counterfeit money. The policeman who killed him has been charged with murder, but the death has set off rioting that has continued for weeks on end, with no end in sight.

George did not deserve to die at the hands of a cruel police officer. He deserved to die from heart disease, sickle cell anemia, fentanyl poisoning, or a heart attack. It was to be his destiny.

And if the policeman hadn’t killed him, he more than likely would have died a natural death or would have OD’d by now.

Two thoughts. Prayers to Floyd’s family for this tragedy that didn’t need to happen, and condemnation for Derek Chauvin (the murderer cop) for his actions that have wreaked havoc on all of America because of one man’s inherent racism.

Chauvin will have lots of “lovers” in prison, not necessarily by choice, and this is what he deserves. Enjoy.