Build Back Better Because Dems Broke Burned and Beat


With the entire world watching and while running a national presidential campaign, Biden can’t not plagiarize. He can’t come up with an original idea or thought.

Hey Joe, “Build Back Better” was a slogan unveiled by the United Nations in April, and you must have liked it as you’re now using it and have it printed on literally everything.

But Joe, if your militant wings, BLM and Antifa, and your other paid agitators and anarchists hadn’t of rioted, looted, burned down thousands of buildings, and destroyed thousands of businesses, we wouldn’t have to “BUILD BACK BETTER”.

We wouldn’t have to rebuild at all. Now damage stands in the hundreds of millions if not over $1 Billion in just property damage alone, and the carnage is continuing nightly in dozens of cities.

Biden has blatantly plagiarized from overseas sources in the past. During a presidential primary debate in 1987, he was caught stealing lines and hand gestures from a speech given months earlier by U.K. Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Biden has also routinely just manufactured his own history, his own facts, and now he’s in his own manufactured reality, while Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are his puppet masters and are formulating policies and pogroms.

If only Biden would answer some questions that aren’t scripted with his “replies” fed to him on a teleprompter. But he isn’t asked anything that isn’t approved beforehand, and when an interviewer does step over that invisible line and ask him an unapproved question, they suddenly just leave the interview as they’ve done repeatedly this year, and last year.

For some reason, Joe Biden cannot reply in an extempore, impromptu, or ad hoc fashion to simple questions without rambling and talking about his blonde leg hairs and roaches.

And this is the guy the democrats are betting on in the election?

First, they offer us Hillary, a total unlikable and nasty lying woman. Next, they offer us Joe Biden, a man with severe cognitive disabilities. Joe Biden has promised to cure cancer and to eliminate “Islamicphobia” (whatever that is), but only if we elect him to the Presidency.

Otherwise, all you people with cancer, just go ahead and die a horrible and painful death. Maybe next election cycle you’ll vote for Joe Biden.

Or if you don’t like him, vote for the other Biden!