ANTIFASTAN – Coming Soon To Your State!


We’ve all seen the news reports on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Faux News, etc. There are peaceful protesters all over America that are being kidnapped by roving gangs of secret police/Nazi Gestapo agents in the dark of night while doing nothing illegal. And they are disappearing! Never to be seen again. Ever!

Well, this is what CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. are reporting, but that doesn’t mean it’s true, as they are all FAKE NEWS 24/7/365. Sadly, even many Faux News (formerly Fox News) reporters are starting to report that there was/is no violence, no riots, no arson, etc. It’s all made up by Trump.

According to these “news” sources (excuse us while we laugh out loud), there are no riots. Nobody is committing arson. No police are being killed or assaulted. No police stations or police cars are being set on fire. No businesses are being looted and burned down. Nobody has been raped or assaulted.

There are no such things as autonomous zones. There are no Federal buildings under siege and no police are in danger anywhere in America.

People, it’s all just Trump propaganda. You gotta trust CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Faux News, etc. They are all that stands between you and the facts. Also, The “Wuhan virus” is now officially the “Trump virus” since the CCP ordered Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to start calling it that last week.

Just for reference, this photo is of “peaceful BLM and Antifa protesters”. These people are NOT rioting, shooting fireworks at the police, burning down businesses, and looting every store in sight. Your mind must be playing tricks on you, again.

Know that you will find some rogue reporters from Brietbart, OANN, Fox or the other 2 or 3 reputable American news agencies that report that there is actually rioting in America’s cities, with people committing arson and generally behaving badly.

Don’t believe them. More Trump lies and tyranny.

These same “reporters” will tell you that they’ve looted thousands of businesses and then burned them down. They’ll tell you that they’ve taken over police stations and other government buildings. They’ll tell you that they’ve taken over entire sections of cities and are administering their new “countries” as such, even renaming one CHAZ, and then renaming it again a few days later to CHOP.

Don’t believe them. It’s just more of Trump’s lies and oppression.

The United Nations is considering granting legal recognition to Antifastan in the states of Washington, New York, California, Oregon, and New Mexico.

Don’t believe that. This site has some sarcasm entwined within it, but don’t doubt that the U.N. would not grant them some special status.

Welcome to Antifastan! Enjoy your time here.

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