House Judiciary Committee aka Get Trump & Barr Committee

LIARS ALL!!! These are the Democrats, i.e. Socialists on the House Judiciary Committee that asked A.G. Barr dozens of questions yet didn't allow him to answer a single one of them. Then the "media" reports today that Barr "refused" to answer any questions from the committee.

Not quite fair to Barr. That would be the whitewashed version of yesterday’s committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr. Yet surprisingly, that is nothing compared to the real story out of the media this morning.

Today’s narrative is that Atty. General William Barr refused to answer any questions at yesterday’s hearing and he was simply a hostile witness and was acting as Trump’s personal lawyer.

One had to realize when the hearing started how it would turn out, as the day before Chairman Jerrold Nadler had told the media that the stories of riots, arson, looting, Federal buildings under assault were just a “myth put out by Washington D.C.”, meaning President Trump.

And he reiterated this point in his opening remarks, as did all the other Democrats, that the “protests” have all been 100% peaceful, until Federal “stormtroopers and Nazi Gestapo” swooped in using unmarked vehicles, in unmarked uniforms, with big guns, and started kidnapping peacefully protesting citizens off of the streets and disappearing them to never be seen again.

But the truth is that out of twenty-five (25) Democrats on the committee asking the Attorney General questions, not a single one allowed the Attorney General to actually give them an answer to their questions.

Most of the questions were “gotcha’s” requiring a detailed response, and yet when Barr attempted to answer they’d retort “It’s a YES or NO answer! I reclaim my time!” or would just rattle off another irrelevant and/or inane question and talk over his reply. Time after time after time after time. It was a total Democrat clown show, and they showed their collective asses repeatedly.

This went on for over two hours when at one point Mr. Barr requested a “break”. It could have been a bathroom break, to grab some coffee or to get a snack. We’ll never know because Nadler was having none of that. He slammed his fist down and screamed “NO” at the Attorney General.

Barr then reminded the Chairman that the Chairman himself arrived a little over 45 minutes late for the start hearing. Nadler then chided him as being a tool of the President, blah blah blah. What a childish, petty show of power, not even worthy of a 4-year old on the playground.

And the fact is that Nadler was 45-minutes late to the hearing, blaming a “minor traffic accident” and not apologizing to those that patiently waited for him.

So twenty-five Democrats couldn’t allow the Attorney General to answer questions because he has solid answers, peppered with facts, truth, and reality. And they couldn’t allow him a 5-minute break because they would have been seen as weak to their constituents.

Barr is much smarter than any of them could ever hope to be, and they weren’t about to let him prove it. So it was a child’s game they were playing. Just cut him off at every turn. Interrupt every one of his replies. Reclaim your time when he starts to answer.

Otherwise the American people would have heard truths and facts the would fly in the face of what they see on cable, read on the internet, or listen to daily on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, Daily Kos, Fox News, etc.

One thing that reasonable people can all agree on is that playing a child’s game is right in the Democrat’s wheelhouse. That’s all they’ve been doing for 3½ years now is playing games, trying to run out the clock and hoping that Trump loses.

Think about it. It’s their only chance as otherwise, Durham will be dropping the boom on the Democrats and their Deep State lackeys very soon. Can you say felony prison time?

North Korea is a “democracy”, as is Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

Please take note of exactly how a Democracy works. The majority decides what the rest of us will do, when, and how. The minority has no recourse but to comply or risk punishment from fines to death.

This is the newly transformed America that Democrats have been pushing us towards since Obama was elected, and Antifa and BLM are their militant enforcement divisions along with the indoctrinated college kids that don’t know any better. They are merely useful tools, until they end up in prison, then they are Inmate #P492749. LOVE IT!

Riots. Arson. Looting. Thousands of businesses destroyed resulting in tens of thousands of Americans out of work. This is what the Democrats want. Anger. Hate. Racial strife. Crime. Poverty. That is the roadmap to power for a Socialist.

This is why America is not and never has been a Democracy, and anyone that says that we are is an uneducated fool, otherwise known as a liberal, Democrat, progressive, anarchist, Socialist, Communist, Antifa or BLM member.

This is also why President Trump will be reelected on November 3, 2020. There is a huge silent majority that is sitting at home, because of the Democrats and their “hurt Trump at any cost” policies.

And while we sit at home watching the peaceful protesters commit murder, arson, assault, firebombings, looting, robbery, burglary, and even more heinous crimes, we have seen the Democrats deny that any of these events are happening, and even “if” they are, that the blame lays squarely on Trump’s shoulders.

If you ask what Trump did they’ll speak of the “Trump virus”, the unemployment figures, the lockdown, he’s a racist and hates babies. In other words, they hate Trump because CNN/MSNBC told them to hate Trump, 24/7/365 for the past 4½ years and they are too ignorant to articulate a position.

The Tree of Liberty is thirsty my friends. Hopefully we’ll solve our problems as our forefathers taught us to, at the ballot box. If not, the Tree shall need to be watered and it’s our civic duty as Americans to tend to her needs.

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