The American Trojan Horse


Joe Biden himself is touting a “Harris/Biden” administration. Kamala Harris actually said “a Harris administration with Joe Biden as President” at a press conference. Even their bought and paid for media is pushing Harris as the “go-to” person in any future Harris/Biden administration.

Nobody with even a smidgen of common sense can honestly say that they truly believe Joe Biden is Presidential material, not even the hate-filled partisan Democrats and their media believe it.

Within months, if not weeks, Biden will be removed as President and replaced by Harris, voted THE most liberal voting Senator of all. More Left than Sanders. More Left than Warren. More Left than Pelosi. Harris will be running, or is that ruining the country by June, 2021.

C’mon man! You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier! You’re full of shit! Wanna go outside and settle it? 150 MILLION Americans have been killed by gun violence. Elect me and I promise I’ll cure the virus. Did you take a test for cocaine before being allowed to ask me questions? 120 MILLION Americans have died from the Trump (i.e. Wuhan) virus.

I promise we’ll cure cancer if I’m elected. We need to take care of 77 MILLIONS refugees. What, are you a junkie man? Can I sniff your little girl’s hair and armpits? The black kids used to like playing with my blonde leg hair and I learned all about roaches. C’mon man!

Joe Biden promises a lot of things, most of which he knows he can’t deliver on. Yet the people that listen to CNN believe it, because they are incapable of turning the channel and getting differing viewpoints and then making an informed and intelligent decision. That is without Jim Acosta or Jake Tapper telling them what they must think or who they must hate today.

Joe Biden is mentally at home possibly as much as 3 or 4 hours a day, but even then he can’t properly follow a teleprompter. When he’s got 5 reporters (from CNN, WaPo, NYT, NPR and MSNBC) in the room, he still has to have a “list” to tell him to call on them for questions, and he calls them out by the numbers on his list, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

It’s truly sad to watch the Left use an obviously mentally challenged individual like this, for political reasons, and because they couldn’t find a better candidate than a Alzheimer’s patient that will be 78 less than 3 weeks after the election? Remember these are the same people that questioned the ages of Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc. when they were running.

Nobody could write a novel and sell it with a Manchurian Candidate any more suited than Joe Biden. It’s pure typecasting folks. A natural.

Yet we’re constantly told how blissfully aware of everything Joe Biden is. He knows when a gnat farts in Iceland people! Ask any Comrade, he’s the 2nd most intelligent and qualified candidate for POTUS. Right behind Hilliary Clinton.

Get out and vote on November 3rd!

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