President Joe “The Lyin’ King” Biden, May God Help Us All

Nobody does it better, with aplomb and an imposing aura of anger

Only in America, or a 3rd world shiitehole could someone as wholly out of touch with reality, corrupt, morally bankrupt, and mentally unstable be installed as their Dear Leader.

Yes, we saw it in Uganda, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and a host of other countries.

And just as in those countries, the vote was rigged, stolen, etc. Call it what you will. Trump got million of votes more than any Presidential candidate ever in history, and outperformed Biden in many Blue states, yet still lost?

The Right gained seats in the House yet lost the Presidency? Unprecedented! C’mon man… Now here’s the deal…

There has been a solid cadre of us that have been yelling from the rooftops for years that it was happening here. If you use the same prescription and expect different results you’re dreaming or delusional.

We were called “conspiracy nuts and theorists” with “tin foil hats” that believe Martians rule the universe and we believe the Earth is flat.

Joe “The Lyin’ King” Biden may well become the 46th President of the US and within days/weeks/months the 47th President, Kamala “Knees” Harris will be coronated as leader of the Socialist world, when the Lyin’ King either passes the torch by resigning or passing.

This much will be found to be prophetic on our part come Spring, 2021. It’s not only that the Left cheated in a dozen different ways to steal the election, it’s WHO they stole it for!

In nearly 50 years of “public service”, his major accomplishments were to sponsor legislation to rename a couple of Post Offices. That’s it folks. Other than that he we merely a very pliable rubber stamp for whatever Democrat leader told him to say and/or do.

Just like he’s doing now, play acting. Following the daily script, teleprompter, and those pesky voices (we call it an earpiece) giving him verbal commands to repeat.