Do Black Lives Really Matter Or Is It Just A Slogan?


Life starts, as confirmed by science and medical experts when the sperm introduces itself to the egg. Viola! Another marvelous human being has been created in all its glory and with proper nurturing will grow to fruition. Just as when a seed sprouts from the ground.

It doesn’t matter the race, culture, origin, ethnicity, or ideology of the man and woman, the science and the medical facts are indisputable. A man’s sperm and a woman’s egg creates a viable, living human being, from Day One.

We are all here as a result of this amazing miracle. There is no other path to human adulthood. So yes, all black lives matter, as do all lives of every human regardless of creed, color, income, education, etc.

So, one would assume that if one life matters all lives matter, no matter the color of the skin. And you would be “like totally wrong” according to the woke generation that embraces Antifa, BLM, 31 genders, looting, rioting, arson, executing policemen, etc.

So let’s start with the new woke gnerations’s agenda that only black lives matter. Not white lives, not Native American lives, not Asian lives, not hispanic lives. Black lives only.

We won’t even get into whether it is “racist” or not, let’s just keep it real and woke for the sake of argument.

So, do black lives really matter? The banners say they do. Their website testifies to the inherent goodness of blacks. Blacks themselves, to the person, swear that black lives absolutely matter. So it must be ALL black lives matter, correct?


So if some black lives don’t matter as much as others, it must be those racist Trump-supporting MAGA hat-wearing smelly Walmart shopping deplorables lying again to us again, right? Just Bubba and Lurlene deciding what’s good fer’ black folks, again.

The truth is that blacks care a lot about the black prison population, the unemployed black people, black neighborhoods, black businesses, but they’re not nearly as supportive of black babies, or so the facts show.

Black women are 14% of the birthing population and have 37% of the abortions. White women are 65% of the birthing population and have 33% of abortions.

So black women have abortions at about 5 times the rate of white women. Does this mean some children are worth 5 times as much as others? Of course it doesn’t. It means some people are being taken advantage of, still.

For decades blacks have aborted their babies at a far higher rate than other races do. Tens of millions of black babies over the past 60 years of Democratic “social welfare” policies have been taken from the womb with the consent of the mothers and fathers, and often paid for by the government via Planned Parenthood.

365,000+ BLACK babies were aborted in 2019 by Planned Parenthood’s abortion/baby body parts factories. Did those black lives matter at all?

Or is it only the 14 black men that were shot and killed by police last year that mattered and are worth defending? And most of those were criminals, convicted felons, on drugs, threatening violence, etc. No, they did not necessarily “deserve” to be killed, but if they had been allowed to complete their criminal acts, how many would have died?

So the Left and BLM should explain to the rest of us uneducated masses, what was the crime that the 400,000+ black babies committed that was so heinous that they deserved the death penalty?

BTW, Planned Parenthood makes untold millions off of the baby’s body parts, and receives approx. $500,000,000 a year of U.S. taxpayer’s money to fund their little parts mill.

Also, the fact that blacks are responsible for 70% of all murders of other blacks is inconvenient to their narrative of “genocide” by the police or white people. Their lives do not seem to matter one iota to the black community at large. They ignore the reality they’ve created and live with.

An amazing statistic is that practically the exact same people that support the right to kill innocent babies also support the rights of kidnappers, murderers, and rapists to be freed from imprisonment and/or death sentences, under the guise of social justice.

It does not compute.

So again, we ask you, do black lives really matter or is it just a slogan?