Socialism/Communism – Alive and Well In Biden’s America


We never thought it could happen. Not in the United States of America. The greatest country the world has ever experienced. A former bastion of freedom, liberty, capitalism, individual liberties, human rights, for anyone willing to become an American citizen. Not in 4,540,000,000 years (4.54 BILLION years) would anyone foresee this.

And we were wrong, horribly wrong.

Communists across the globe told us they’d take America without firing a single shot, or by annihilating us by using nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons, like the Wuhan virus for example. And they’ve made it clear that they do not favor one method over another, whatever works will be fine with them.

Stalin’s Russia murdered approx. 22 million of his own men, women, and children in the name of Communism.

Mao’s China murdered approx. 70 million of his own men, women, and children in the name of Communism.

Hitler’s Germany caused the deaths of 67 million non-German citizens in his quest for worldwide domination of his brand of Socialism.

Yes, the Socialists and Communists in America have concluded that neither Russia, Germany, or China got it right. They didn’t implement the policies properly.

Yet, just as in the US today, the Socialists dominated the news media of the day. Then it was print and radio. Today it is print, radio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the internet, television, cable TV, satellite TV, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, WaPo, NYT, HuffPo, Daily Kos, etc.

95% or more of the media in the US is now controlled by Communists/Socialists.

You are designated (as we are), an “enemy of the state” if you question:

  • The reasoning behind “mask mandates”, which change almost daily. One day you must wear a mask, the next day you shouldn’t wear a mask, the next day wear TWO masks, and then on Friday, you don’t have to wear a mask again. Rinse and repeat. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • The science behind a myriad of experimental vaccines that the Chinese and WHO, with the assistance of the Biden administration, wants to repeatedly inject American citizens with. Note that we are going to be subjected to Vaccine Passports to cross state lines, yet 220,000 illegals per month are allowed to come through our southern border with no shots, no ID, nothing. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • The 2020 election numbers. They just don’t add up at all, in any way, shape, or form. Even cursory audits performed have shown widespread irregularities, cheating, fraud, etc., which is why the Socialists and their media are shaming anyone that questions facts. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • The validity of a 4-year old boy declaring himself a “girl” and the parents must indulge the child’s silly notion and give him hormone therapy, whack off his thingy, and change his name from John to Judy, all due to a whimsical notion that went through a child’s head for one second on one day. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • How transgenders came to be a powerful political force. There’s a small chance that the average American actually knows a tranny, less than 1 in 100 according to stats, yet they are a potent political lobby that is forever changing education for our children, by political mandate. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • The legality of BLM and Antifa. Here are two USA based terrorist groups. One espouses the murder of whites and policemen, and they are mostly black people. The other espouses death to all conservatives and white people, even though most of them are white people (they are too stupid to realize that fact). THIS is Biden’s America.
  • Rioting in Oregon vs Rioting in Washington, D.C. In Oregon, if you riot, loot, commit arson, attack federal buildings, attempt to burn down federal building, attack federal buildings with explosives, commit murder and rape, shoot policemen, run down policemen with autos, take over private property in the name of Socialism you are lauded as a hero and are not held responsible for any of the billions of dollars in damages or lost lives due to your actions. Yet In D.C., if you simply walk through the Capitol doors that the Capitol police OPENED for you (there is video), you are labeled a “domestic terrorist” and can be shot to death on site, as Ashley Babbitt found out. No rioting in D.C. No looting in D.C. No arson in D.C. No dead cops in D.C. No attempt to blow up Federal buildings in D.C. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • Social Justice vs Common Decency. Imagine that you are white, sitting enjoying a dinner with your wife and children at a local restaurant. Then a group of black and/or white thugs (i.e. BLM/Antifa) barge in and demand that everyone raise their fist in solidarity with BLM for Black justice. If you don’t they’ll either eat/drink your food, destroy it, terrorize your children, threaten your family, beat you, and generally act like animals. Imagine you are black, sitting enjoying a dinner with your wife and children at a local restaurant. Then a group of white people enters. They wait to be seated (if this is the policy), take their seats, orders their meal, eat, pay the bill, leave a tip, and leave. THIS is Biden’s America.
  • Question the Biden “Grift” Foundation. Most members of the Biden family have amassed untold fortunes selling the Biden name. Hunter Biden the “acclaimed and renowned” painter, drug addict, former disgraced Naval officer (kicked out for using cocaine), user of young prostitutes for videos (videos are online), liar, cheater, deadbeat dad, lover of brother’s wife, Ukrainian stooge, Chinese stooge, Russian stooge, is the “SMARTEST MAN I KNOW” states Joe Biden repeatedly. His brother, is the “BEST BUSINESSMAN I KNOW” states Joe Biden. THIS is Biden’s America.

This is just a tiny tiny sampling of the hypocrisy and/or criminality being ignored… no being condoned by our current Socialist administration and their bought and paid for media wing.

The gloves have come off. It’s time to fight back, to use Biden’s own words against him.

Of course, that’s being mean because anyone with a flicker of life left in their body realizes that Biden is not in charge of… well anything. He can’t get through a single sentence most days without babbling. Even the Secret Service has a difficult time herding him into the White House as he has no clue where he is when he gets off the helicopter. He just wanders around, sometimes following a random SS agent to wherever they are going.

But just remember, Orange Man Bad.