President TaliBiden… Why Was The Time So Important?


He is the leader of the free world (excuse me while I aspirate). He is the last thing standing between us and anarchy (aspiration round #2). He cares about you, me, them, it, they, cis something or other, all of us (round #3). He is the father of the “world’s smartest man” he says (yep, round #4). He is the father of the “world’s greatest artist” he proudly proclaims (round #5). He is the father of a drug addled, porn and prostitute addicted, lying cheat, he denies this (I’m fine now).

So why did the President of the U.S., while receiving the dead bodies of US Marines and a Sailor that were killed directly due to HIS action, have to take the time to check the time? Video and photos don’t like. The WH is furiously trying to spin it as something else, but that ain’t cutting it this time, not even with their own bought and paid for press.

Here is a possible list of reasons as to why the President of the US was so disrespectful towards those he got killed:

1. It was nearing pudding time.
2. It was nearing ice cream time.
3. It was nearing changy diaper time.
4. It was nearing nappy nap time.
5. He was plain $^&#@$&* bored as feces.
6. He didn’t have a clue where he was or what he was doing there and he checked the time because he had this thingy on his wrist.
7. Jen and Alexandria said these were all Republicans, so ain’t we done yet?
8. He had a “conference call” set up with a couple of new friends, Brittany and Tilly (7 & 9 years old respectively) to discuss the girl’s hair styles and possibly purchase some of their used (and unwashed) underclothing. Now that Hunter is selling ‘vomit art’ at $500,000+ per, The “Big Guy’s” 10% comes in very handy!
9. There was a child’s playground nearby and somebody could smell little girl’s hair in the wind and time was a wastin’!
10. Dead Marines? It’s Trump’s fault. That’s plain to see. (Ask CornPop or SnowShop or whoever he supposedly beat up one time, they’ll tell you).

To be honest, it could very well have been ALL OF THE ABOVE! He is so far out in left field even his daily handlers have no clues what he’ll do or say next.

What is clear is that the Commander in Chief is basically not mentally nor physically capable of doing much more than eating ice cream or messing his drawers. It’s shameful that his “Doctor” wife is using him like he’s the lead part in “Weekend at JoeJoe’s”

It’s embarrassing and extremely dangerous for America as well. Our allies now see that we will not honor our commitments, we have no will, nor can they trust us any longer.

Our enemies see nothing but positives. We’re projecting fallibility, indecisiveness, no moral convictions, a “woke” state of mind, and most of all total weakness in all arenas, political, socio-economic, and militarily.

President TaliBiden will find this out, if he is lucid that day, when China makes their move on Taiwan and North Korea resumes missile testing.

But sadly, he’ll be too busy being Joe Biden to give a damn about anyone or anything.