Joe TaliBiden –


With our 24/7 Manufactured News cycle, things move very quickly from news to ancient histories, like this story. It morphed from the lie that a daring raid had killed extremely dangerous ISIS-K terrorists who were driving an explosives-laden car bomb to the facts on the ground that Biden ordered the military to blow up something so they could say they stopped a major terrorist attack.

This would make our president look strong again his handlers thought. Excuse me, when did Joe TaliBiden ever exude strength? His weak and disastrous escape from Kabul was embarrassing, costly, and heartbreaking.

Not only did Joe TaliBiden personally cause the deaths of 13 US Marines, but he also gave a little terrorist organization called the Taliban $84,000,000,000 ($84 BILLION) in military hardware, including tanks, cargo jets, airplanes, assault helicopters, 600,000+ assault rifles, millions of rounds of ammo, rockets, RPGs, grenades, Humvees by the thousands, 75,000 trucks/autos, high explosives, encrypted communication equipment, and the list never ends.

We won’t even speak of how stupid this was. You either destroy, totally disable, blow up, or take with you EVERYTHING of strategic value. Period. Who was the Clown that organized this shitshow anyway? Oh yeah, the pudding guy.

So he needed to have his media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) tell America to “look at the shiny object” to take the news cycle off of the debacle he caused by the pullout from Afghanistan, which he OWNS. He may blame Trump, but the facts are clear. Trump had a plan and people in place. Biden scrapped the plan, sent the people home, and then tried to play the big, strong, American leader with terrorists.

Alright, we’re all aware of the story. Joe TaliBiden claims to have stopped a “major” terrorist attack by blowing up a car that supposedly contained tons of high explosives and two high-level ISIS-K members, known only as Mr. Planner and Mr. Facilitator.

The 1st thru 3rd versions were that TaliBiden had killed a top ISIS-K “planner”. Version 4 and later revisions were that it was a “planner” and a “facilitator” that had been killed and they were carrying a couple of tons of explosives, as evidenced by the multiple secondary explosions from the multiple explosives contained in the vehicle/car bomb. TaliBiden’s media also stated definitively that they were on their way to the Kabul airport to detonate it and kill innocent people,

What drew attention to this act was that the media repeatedly referenced the multiple large “secondary” explosions which proved that it was terrorists in a bomb-laden car. They went back to this point over and over and over, to validate their actions.

But what was even more profound was that they never provided video evidence of the attack, nor the secondary explosions they continually referenced, even though they had “eyes on” the incident via drones, which BTW have cameras and transmit/record events in real-time.

Also, the administration did not provide the names of the two “dead” terrorists, which is the normal SOP in these cases, and in fact, is a badge of honor.

Now, let’s fast forward a couple of weeks. The truth emerges that the vehicle was not a car bomb and was not occupied by terrorists. In the car were a man, his seven (7) children, and 2 other family members. The vehicle also contained a container of H2O (WATER) for them to drink and stay alive. He was an aid worker doing what humanitarians do, try and help people in need. There is no running water in the neighborhood they lived in.

And Pres. TaliBiden could not allow this selfish act to go unpunished! What sort of person would provide water to thirsty children? What sort of man/low life/cretin would attempt to help innocent children by providing them with clean drinking water? Oh, the humanity!

President TaliBiden was forced to act, or otherwise, these poor, helpless children may have been forced to use clean and fresh water to drink and cook with. And just imagine, they may have also been forced to bathe using that water.

Now we all realize that President TaliBiden, the protector of all people and things, could not allow that travesty to occur. He just knew he had to kill those 7 babies to save them! I mean, if he couldn’t sniff their hair and grab their little butts and breasts, what good are they to him, let’s be serious.

This was a wanton act of murder against civilians and their children carrying WATER so they could stay hydrated. Wow, those dangerous fathers seeking water for their babies are very, very, VERY dangerous terrorists.

No terrorists. No car bomb. NO multiple secondary explosions. THREE (3) TaliBiden LIES! Why all the lies TaliBiden? We know you’re weak, ineffective, brain-addled, etc., but to purposely kill innocent children for a headline op? Seriously?

The truth is that President TaliBiden did order innocents killed so he could take credit for a headline of killing “major” terrorist leaders and stopping a suicide bomber attack, just after having given $80 BILLION in military hardware and the country of Afghanistan to REAL TERRORISTS.

And the media covers for TaliBiden’s war crime of murdering children, while TaliBiden himself enjoys his 1 pm nap pudding, his 3pm nappy-nap ice cream, and his 7 pm (nappy nap for the night) ice cream.