Why Ashli Babbitt?

Was Ashli killed because she wore a MAGA hat?

True, she was no George Floyd, the hero of the Democrats and other mental defects in America. But did she deserve to be shot down in cold blood by the Capitol police?

She was only a daughter, sister, wife, and a highly decorated US Air Force veteran. She had no history of drug use, criminal acts, violence, arrests, prison terms, or any of the criteria that the mainstream media uses in determining who is worthy of being an American hero or not.

And to be totally honest, she doesn’t have the long history of bona fides of drug use, violent criminal acts, multiple arrest, multiple prison terms, etc. that the America Hero George Floyd had, which catapulted him to instant American hero status.

But why was she targeted by the police? We’re not sure, but she had so many things going against her that would have put her in one of dozens of “protected classes” of people:

She was wasn’t black.
She wasn’t an illegal immigrant sneaking/forcing her way across the southern US border.
She wasn’t a tranny.
She wasn’t gay.
She wasn’t a pedophile.
She wasn’t Antifa.
She wasn’t wearing a gorilla mask and throwing eggs.
She wasn’t BLM.
She wasn’t on Fentanyl or other drugs.
She wasn’t passing counterfeit currency.
She wasn’t assaulting police officers.
She wasn’t resisting arrest.
She hadn’t been in prison for any type of crime, nor any violent crimes.
She wasn’t known to local police as a common criminal.
She wasn’t burning down local businesses in her city.
She wasn’t looting local businesses.
She had never went around sniffing little girls hair and rubbing their undeveloped breasts.
She wasn’t robbing a legitimate business owner.
She wasn’t rioting and throwing explosives at Federal buildings.
She wasn’t taking over public property and creating an “autonomous zone”.
She wasn’t attacking the police sitting in their cars.
She had never visited the “Tree of Life” Synagogue at any time ever.
She had never targeted police officers for assassination because they were police.
She had never claimed she was an 18-wheeler truck drivin’ man.
She wasn’t going to various restaurants harassing and assaulting their diners.
She wasn’t destroying public and/or private property.
She had never promised she would ban fracking and eliminate fossil fuels.
She wasn’t impeding the flow of traffic to force her violent political beliefs onto strangers.
She wasn’t targeting any group because of the political and/or religious beliefs.
She wasn’t targeting any group because of their racial makeup.
She had never been heard to say that she had always been ashamed of America.
She wasn’t targeting any group because of their gender.
She had never graduated at the “top of her class” in college.
She had never had her helicopter forced down due to enemy fire.
She wasn’t targeting any group because of their sexual preference.
She wasn’t doxing anyone to cause them harm.
She wasn’t burning the American flag in protest of white people existing.
She had never claimed to have graduated from an all-black college.
She wasn’t protesting at someone’s place of employment to get them fired because she disagreed with them.
She had never “Smolletted” anyone. (Creating a fake racial hate crime to implicate an innocent person)
She had never been arrested.
She had never been tried in a court of law.
She had never been convicted of a crime.
She had never been in jail or prison for anything, period.
She wasn’t on a designated terrorist watch list.
She wasn’t on a designated “no fly” list.
She had never had a warrant issued for her arrest for anything.

She just wasn’t. She didn’t. She had never.

But she’s gone and nobody is responsible? How does that happen when it’s all 100% on VIDEO?

How? This is no longer OUR America.