Democrats – The Self-Described “Party of Science”


Science: noun; the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment; a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject; a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.

So it seems that “science” embodies facts and truths that are static through repeated testing and observation. Scientific facts are basically written in stone until our society advances enough to take the next technological and/or scientific leaps and discovers new facts previously unknown and/or unimagined.

But don’t tell that to the Democrats, the self-described “Party of Science”. They know much more than they are willing to impart to you or me. They are the most intelligent, most savvy, most wonderful people in the world, as they know everything.

Yes, all Democrats know everything about everything, and they are to be believed and worshipped at every turn. The rest of us knuckle draggers should heed them and kneel at their very feet and kiss their toes in adulation.

Democrats are eternally blameless and are not responsible for anything. Anything and everything bad that has happened since 1821 is all the fault of Orange Man Bad. How do you know that is true? Because the Democrats will tell you that the science proves it. Casa cerrado!

They want you to forget about their long and continuing history of anti-integration, segregation, the KKK, lynchings, institutionalized racism, support for BLM and Antifa, support for the rioting that occurred in 57 American cities, and their continued support for open borders.

Let’s take a short look at the current state of the “Party of Science”:

The “Party of Science” states that men can “menstruate” (Actual Science proves that only women can menstruate)

The “Party of Science” states that men can become “pregnant”. (Actual Science proves that only women can become pregnant)

The “Party of Science” states that men can “have babies”. (Actual Science proves that men have no uterus and cannot carry a baby as they have no womb. (Science shows that there has never been, in 4.54 BILLION YEARS, proof that a man has actually given birth to a baby. Not once, though science proves that women have given birth to BILLIONS of human beings over the same 4.54 BILLION YEARS)

The “Party of Science” states that men can “chest-feed” babies. (Actual Science proves that only women can breastfeed babies after pregnancy due to lactation. Men have no such bodily function.)

The “Party of Science” insists that a baby is not a human being, but is bio-waste. But amazingly, months later this bio-waste will eject from a woman as a full-blown, 100% assembled, breathing human being! Until that point, the bio-waste can be destroyed as the mother and her doctor sees fit at any time during the pregnancy. (Actual Science shows that life begins at inception, not at birth)

Note: These are the “humane” methods Democrats use to terminate this “bio-waste”. An induced heart attack, decapitation, poison, sucking the “brain” out of the bio-waste, or using caustic chemicals to burn them. All humane methods for this bio-waste according to Democrats. (If you used any of those methods of execution on a breathing human being, you’d be charged with murder, but it’s only bio-waste so no biggie, right?)

The “Party of Science” has determined that if you protest for a just cause (i.e. Socialism, Communism, Democrats, BLM, Antifa, NOW, NBPP, to kill police, to kill white people, etc.), that your body immediately becomes 100% impervious to the respiratory droplets that spread viral diseases, such as the China virus, aka COVID-19. (Actual Science shows that there is no natural immunity due to political or violent thought processes)

The “Party of Science” has determined that if you protest or celebrate for an unjust cause (i.e. Republicans, Trump, Conservatism, National Prayer Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, a child’s birthday, a wedding, etc.) that you are partaking in a “super-spreader” event and you are a danger to yourself, your family/friend, and society at large, and you have given up any rights to freedom you previously enjoyed. You are an evil, selfish, vile, despicable human being for being in close proximity to others and should be put down like the rabid dog that you are. (Actual Science shows that protesting or gathering in large groups for any reason/event may be dangerous depending on several factors)

The “Party of Science” has determined that if you riot, commit arson, assault police, throw explosives at Federal buildings, loot businesses/department stores, set up autonomous zones and take over city blocks of downtown areas that you are not only immune to the ravages of the China virus, that you are also exempt from the laws that all other citizens in your state must follow. You are FREE to do whatever you want, including robbery, arson, assault, murder, rape, drug use, kidnapping, etc. Go nuts! (Actual Science shows that committing crimes en masse does not provide immunity from the China virus)

The “Party of Science” has determined that ONLY if you are a legal American citizen, you are subject to draconian mandates (not laws passed by Congress) by a brain-addled dictator that thinks an Afghan is a dog. This dictator can order you to take a vaccine, against your will, and possibly against your health/doctor’s wishes, or your employer may be fined and/or shut down. The dictator may tell you to stay at home, without pay, no food for you or your family.

Why? The Democrats’ reasoning is that YOU need to be vaccinated to, uh, PROTECT the VACCINATED… Got that? Get it? You squared away now? Everything copasetic? The vaccinated need YOU to be vaccinated to protect them.

But if they are already vaccinated, why do they need protecting again? WTF?

Even V.P. Kamala “Knees” Harris got in on the act stating that the unvaccinated are morally obligated to get the jabs to protect their fellow citizens that have already gotten vaccinated. That’s not a typo. That’s what she said.

But this is the really good part…

The “Party of Science” has further determined that if you are NOT a legal American citizen, i.e. you are in fact an illegal coming in from say El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Haiti, etc. that you require no vaccination. Nada! Nunca! You are free to roam about America, no mask mandate, no vaccine mandate, no nothing! Coming across the border illegally cleansed you of the Wuhan virus, and you can’t catch or transmit it.

And not only that, the American taxpayer will be forced to pay for you to take a flight to a city of your choice, where you’ll also receive FREE housing, food, education, medical care, transportation, clothing, and everything else required to give you a comfortable life. And you will not be forced to take an experimental vaccine, nor will you be discriminated against if you catch the Wuhan virus.

The “Party of Science” is debating as to whether those American citizens who refuse to take the Wuhan virus vaccine are worthy of medical care of any type, even if they catch the China virus, or not. Some are also advocating for the non-vaccinated to be terminated from their jobs, forced to stay quarantined at home, and then be exempted from the mortgage/rent moratorium they are giving other American citizens.

These exemptions also have race-based criteria being used to determine who gets relief from payments and who doesn’t.

Only in the Dictator in Chief Biden’s “Party of Science” America, do the needs of American citizens depend upon their race and medical data and are relegated as being less worthy for aid/medical care than illegals and criminals.