Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Ilham Omar – The New Pig On The Block

She's rude, crude, crass, racist, anti-semitic, anti-American, anti-white people, anti-Christian, and is a Muslim. She supports terrorists, C.A.I.R., Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the killing of Jews. She accuses...

Is Trump Guilty? No, It Was Just An Attempted Coup

The facts are in and the Left is apoplectic. After two years of lying, wishing, hoping, "bombshell" reports reporting on the President's eminent demise, the Mueller report is in.

Is CNN Really A News Network

The 41st President of the US, George H.W. Bush passed away Friday, Nov. 30th, 2018 of natural causes. He was 94 years of age. He had a long and storied career as a military...

When Is A Racist Not A Racist?

Evidently, when the "racist" says they are not a racist. Or when their name is Mary Ann Lisanti (D-MD). Lisanti was censured by the Maryland State Legislature for using a "hateful...

1st Step In Banning White People In Now In Effect

It's not going to get better soon, but only because the Socialists, Democrats, BLM, Antifa, and other assorted anarchists don't want it to, and they are the ones that are currently...

600% Increase In Crime Due To Mothers Shoplifting Bread Claims Ocasio-Cortez

At least she is somewhat intellectually honest at times. Granted never by design as she is the most disingenuous person America has encountered in many decades. She is a dedicated Socialist/Communist...

IlHAM Omar Is A Racist, Terrorist Supporting, America Hating PIG!

Should we tell you how we really feel? That is the nicest thing we can say about this pig, this human piece of scum. She has now insulted every decent American,...

The “Real” Racist Clown Show

To the uninitiated, it may seem that those who scream the loudest with the most vitriolic rhetoric is the winner. Or is it the one that comes up with the most...

And the Enemy Is… The Media & Social Media

The Fourth Estate. The wall protecting freedom and liberty from tyranny and oppression. An honest, free and apolitical/skeptical media. The ultimate protector of all things American. Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

The Truth In 15 Minutes

Lin Wood has produced this video to show America how dishonest the media and Democrats in general are. The media can take a video of anything and create a narrative of...
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