Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Democrats – The Self-Described “Party of Science”

Science: noun; the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural...

CORTEZ! RASHITA! ILHAM! The Three Stoogesses Are Silent After Sri Lanka!

Cortez. Rashita. Ilham. Not an ounce of intellectual honesty or intelligence between the three of them. They are bonafide racists, anti-Semitic,...

Still No Collusion

For all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the supposed conspiracy between Trump and Putin to take over the world, it's really...

Hate Crime Hoaxing For Fun and Profit

The best way to perpetuate a fake hate crime is to be well prepared. First, read our award-winning, bestselling book, the...

Once An Azzclown Always An Azzclown

We all know that Jim Acosta is a racist, an America hater and prevaricator. We know he knows absolutely nothing of...

How To Create A Socialist State 101

Saul Alinsky, born of Russian-Jewish parents is a communist and writer of the Socialist playbook "Rules for Radicals", which he penned...

Who Are The Racists?

Why in America is scoring points for "racial justice" more important to a black mother than finding the man that murdered...

Listen and Obey! Do As I Say Today!

The intellectual dishonesty of some in government knows no bounds. They tell one person they love babies, then tell the next...
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Bill Maher Is The Racist