Monday, September 20, 2021
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Fake Presidential Seal… Political Dirty Trick by Turning Point USA?

President Trump gave a speech recently for Turning Point USA's Student's Summit. But not all was good in Turning Point land. One...

Enough Is Enough

The time has come to do more than just slap the hand of these delusional, hateful and dangerous Leftists/Socialists in America....

All The News That’s Fit To… Never Mind… We’d Rather Lie!

There is no Russian collusion. This much is clear. Mueller's long awaited report on "Trump-Russian Collusion", with it's myriad of leaks over...

Final Score: Trump 10,000 ~ Pepe 300

Trump Wins! What had been touted as being a massive show of anti-Trumpism and the rebuke of a sitting President turned...

“Impeach the Motherf*cker”

These not our words. These are the words from incoming Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib, (D-MI), a follower of the peaceful and...

And the Enemy is….. We The People

You've been told. In fact you've been told tens of thousands of times as of Dec. 2018. You must hate Donald Trump, and anything...
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