Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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No Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities Say Pelosi & Schumer!

The world has suddenly turned upside down. Cats are now sleeping with dogs. The sky is below us. The grass is...

Democrats Support Russia/China In Venezuela – Not A Surprise Is It?

The Democrats have proven that they are no friend of the United States. They've gone above and beyond these past three...

Venezuela and the Myth of Democratic Socialism

The Myth: It's kind. Gentle. Prosperous for all. Benevolent to those in need. Free education. Free health care. Pensions for everyone....

Venezuelan Death Throes

There are only a few things that are missing in Socialist and/or Communist societies. Freedom of speech and the press, personal...

In Case You Didn’t Know It – Venezuela Is Back!

Thanks to the great investigative journalism that is ingrained in CNN's stellar class of azzclowns, we now know that Venezuela is...

Mexizuela or Venexico?

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico's 58th President is proving to be troublesome for the citizens of Mexico. He stopped a massive...
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